Cuckold Stories With Nella Jay

Nella Jay Cuckold Stories

Cuckold stories are absolutely amazing. Especially when Cuckoldress Nella Jay is involved. At first glance hotwife Nella Jay seems really sweet and innocent. But deep down inside, she is a Cuckoldress. In fact, she takes great pleasure in treating her husband like a pet. She humiliates and degrades him. Her favorite way to degrade her husband is by cuckolding him. Actually, she prefers him to be a forced bi cuckold. Against his will, she will bring random lovers home and force her cuckold husband to worship her lover’s cock and fluff them to get them ready to fuck Nella Jay hard and fast.

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<p>There are many things I love about cuckold stories. One of my favourite aspects is how cruel the hotwife can be. Since her husband is so pathetic and loves his wife unconditionally, he puts up with the cuckold humiliation to save his marriage to his cheating hotwife. He watches while his wife Nella Jay wraps her lips around those huge cocks and deep throats them like she never would do to her husband’s little penis. Nella Jay forces her husband to watch while kneeling at the side of their bed.</p>
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Nella Jay Sucking Cock

Often Nella Jay will ride her lover’s huge cock and force her pathetic cuckold husband to worship her asshole. This of course is popular in cuckold stories which causes some forced bi cuckold experience because his tongue can’t help but lick his cheating wife’s lover’s big shaft while it penetrates deep inside his wife since her asshole is so close to her pink pussy.

Nella Jay Showing Her Cuckold How Big Her Bull's Cock Is In This Cuckold Story

Cuckold stories can be very emotional. The arousal from the tease and denial and the frustration of not being able to please your wife provides a roller coaster of emotions. I have been cuckolded by my wife a few times. The feeling of humiliation when you are on your knees while your wife is being pounded by a younger, fitter lover than you is overwhelming. Especially when you hear her screaming in moaning in ways that you know you have never been able to make your wife scream and moan with pleasure.

Cuckold Stories With Nella Jay's Cuckold Watching

I don’t know what is more humiliating in a cuckold story, sucking my wife’s lover’s cocks or eating up their cum from her cuckold creampie pussy. I want to please my wife and keep her happy because I love her so much. Being submissive and inferior to her I want to please her at all costs because nothing makes me happier than to see her smiling with pleasure, even if it means it is at my cost and humiliation.

Nella Jay's Cuckold Sucking Cock

It is an honor in cuckold stories, to be able to suck the cock of the man that is able to please my hotwife. I understand my place in this word, is on my knees, obeying my wife and serving her needs to make her happy. Even if that means being her forced bi cuckold slave to sucking the cocks of the men she brings home.

Nella Jay Riding A Big Black Cock

The difficult times is when she puts me in chastity and I am not allowed to release for months. Often times, on the days that I am allowed to release, she forces me to kneel in front of her lover while her lover shoots his cum load all over my face and directly into my mouth. Only at that time, with my cheating hotwife’s lover’s cum all over my face am I given permission to cum myself.

Nella Jay Loves Big Black Cock

I absolutely love my cheating hotwife Cuckoldress in this cuckold story. A few of her friends know that I am a her forced bi cuckold and they will often come over for parties while I serve them food and drinks while they tell stories and laugh at how pathetic I am.

Nella Jay Humiliating Her Cuckold

One of my favourite cuckold stories is this, I remember being at a restaurant one time with my cheating hotwife and her lover along with a few of my wife’s friends. My wife was humiliating me in front of the waitress by holding my hand in plain view while she kissed her lover so that the waitress could tell that I was the submissive of the group and was openly allowing my wife to kiss another man in front of me. When the waitress asked us for our orders, my wife made it clear that I would be paying for the entire bill and told the waitress that I am the pet in the group. There is more to being a humiliated forced bi cuckold than that of being in the privacy of your bedroom.

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