Forced Bi Cuckold

Brooke Banner’s Forced Bi Cuckold

Brooke Banner is one hot bitch, and I think that I’m in love with her completely and utterly. When I see her make a forced bi cuckold of her hubby, it makes me want to worship her even more! She knows how to make a cuckold of her guy, and she shows off her skill to great effect in her movie. First she gets him nice and jealous, incredulous to the goings on in front of his very eyes. This forced bi cuckold must be really pissed off seeing a hot bitch like Brooke Banner sucking some guy’s cock while he has to sit around and watch; unless of course that the cuckold is a little like you and me, and perhaps likes watching and being humiliated.

Brooke Banner sucking cock

If that wasn’t enough for this poor, pathetic little forced bi cuckold, Brooke Banner has him do all manner of things for her, forcing him to follow her every instruction, and to be a good slave that does as he’s told. So what can she do to humiliate him any further? Well, she can make him lick her asshole for starters, or perhaps worship her feet and suck her toes. No, none of the above, what Brooke Banner does is classic cuckold fetish. She forces her pathetic, loser forced bi cuckold to suck her other guy’s cock while she watches instead. You can see that she gets really turned on by seeing her husband suck cock!

forced bi cuckold

Before long Brooke Banner Banner starts to feel a little left out, and by the looks of the next picture it actually looks as though her slave husband might be having a better time than she had planned for him to have. But none the less, it still looks as though Brooke is having a good time straddling her new guy while her forced bi cuckold sucks cock. Perhaps she likes it so much because she doesn’t like sucking cock? Let’s face it, I would say that 50% of women who say they do like it, actually don’t. And considering that for a moment makes me hope that this cuckold is a bi-cuckold, otherwise it’ll be a pretty unpleasant experience for him too. I suppose when you suck cock that good you really must be; it’s not something I could fake!

Brooke Banner forcing cuckold to suck cock

What happens next? Well, now Brooke Banner has found all the attention, and thrown her forced bi cuckold out of the way again like a used toy. Because let’s face it folks, all a good cuckold is, is a toy to his woman, am I right? I think so. But he doesn’t stay away for long. This cuckold is obedient and faithful to his master’s voice. Brooke Banner has him lick her ass while the guy she wants to fuck her goes for it doggy style and makes her squeal. Her cuckold doesn’t mind being this close to the other guy’s cock; particularly when he’s had it in his mouth anyway!

cuckold doggie style

And below, in this image we see that the forced bi cuckold is taking it a step further by actually getting between Brooke Banner and her lover. He is forced to use his tongue, yet again, but this time to lick the balls of the guy fucking his woman; this is truly a cuckold movie classic! You just can’t get them like this anymore, the guys are always too reluctant to do this sort of stuff. Brooke Banner is getting a real good seeing to in this image. Look at the expression on her face. If that doesn’t say “oh my fucking god! I’m getting fucked into next week here,” well I don’t know what does!

cuckold licking balls

Having fucked Brooke Banner for so long in the doggy position, her lover wants to spread her out on the bed and take her in a more relaxed position. She isn’t complaining of course, and even if she was, she wouldn’t complain to her lover, she’d complain at her cuckold and get him to do something really humiliating. Like this for example. Here we see him licking his mistress’ feet and sucking her toes whilst her lover fucks the hell out of her. Brooke Banner is made to feel like an absolute princess with all this attention from both her forced bi cuckold and her lover.

cuckold licking feet

Look at this shot of Brooke Banner and her cuckold. Do you think that looks like he really wants to lick her feet? I don’t think so. I actually think that she’s got him at last. She’s humiliating him well and truly, he looks completely pissed off with the situation. All this poor guy really wants is to swap positions with Brooke Banner’s lover; well, come on, who wouldn’t want to exchange places with him? Brooke Banner has probably been out to lunch in a sweaty pair of pumps with her lover, without any socks, and her feet might stink! I couldn’t do it myself. What a loyal forced bi cuckold this man is. I know that by looking at this picture the only thing I’m stirred to want to lick is that beautiful little pussy!

cuckold worshipping feet

And finally the crescendo of the whole cuckold movie, the cumshot! And where do you think that Brooke Banner wants this? Will it be a Brooke Banner creampie? Well I don’t think I’m going to tell you, I’m just going to leave you with this image in your head and see if you can decide whether the cuckold gets it, or does Brooke Banner lean in at the last moment and open her mouth while her forced bi cuckold licks her lover’s balls? Watch the movie and find out for yourself. I know one thing, you certainly won’t regret a moment of it, I have it saved on my PC and watch it at least twice a week, when I’m in the mood for a little cuckold fetish!

cuckold eating cum


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