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Adrianna Nicole is a Cheating Wife

Now when it comes to cheating wife movies we have the ultimate cheating wife. Adrianna Nicole is cheating on her husband so bad that she’s been caught red handed! Or should we say caught black cocked? Cheating wife movies are always much better when they show the wives being caught and caught with a black man or two. It makes it even worse for the poor husband when he sees that his cheating wife has guys with cocks bigger than him! Just look at his face in this first picture, the way he’s holding his head in his hands and watching his wife swallowing two massive black cocks; well, to be fair she’s not swallowing two cocks, she’s jerking one of them off while she sucks the other. I bet her husband didn’t realise just how much of a cheating wife slut she could be.

Cheating Wives Cuckold Gangbang

And here we have two black guys for this cheating wife. These guys can’t believe their luck. I mean who could believe it if a hot blonde approached you and asked if you and your friend want to come back to her house and stick your cock in her mouth? I think that the husband has just about given up on trying dissuading his wife from fucking these big black cocks and sucking them down her throat; he has been well and truly cuckolded by her and her black friends. Cheating wife movies like this deserve a special place on anyone’s DVD shelf don’t they? Remember that if you don’t have any you can get all you need here on this site; we specialise in cheating wife movies and anything pertaining to cuckolding. I can’t imagine seeing my wife on her knees sucking a couple of black guys with massive cocks (bigger than mine anyway) right in front of my eyes; it must be hell for him (but pretty cool for us right?)

Cheating Wife Cuckold Gangbang

So just when you think that the poor guy has been left out of the cock sucking and fucking you’ll see in the picture below that he does have a very specific role to play. This role is that of the cuckold, and this cheating wife really knows how to get her cuckold husband to do just as he is told; she has no problem at all being found out as a cheating wife and she will command him to do anything she wants. If I was him I wouldn’t argue would you? His wife is seriously hot, and these big black dudes don’t look like they’d stand for any funny business. So here you see him sucking on her toes. Hardly a substitute for fucking her brains out but we have to draw the line somewhere in these cheating wife movies don’t we? We can’t just have husbands fucking their wives, that wouldn’t be any good at all. Anyway, it looks as though this husband is well and truly absorbed in what he’s doing doesn’t it? It must help to concentrate on something else when your cheating wife has a big black cock stuck in her throat.

Cheating Wife Adrianna Nicole Cuckold Gangbang

In fact the only thing that these black guys will stand for is this hot cheating wife. She fucking loves getting their cocks stuck in the back of her throat. When you watch this cheating wife movie you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that this bitch knows how to gag on some cock. And whilst she’s doing that she is making an absolute ass out of her husband who is forced to sit and watch. Watching this must be pretty hard too mustn’t it? I mean how many wives do you know who put their head back like that off the sofa or bed in order to suck their husband’s cock? None that’s how many. A husband these days would be lucky to get his cock sucked at all!

Cheating Wife Cuckoldress Gangbang

And if you didn’t see enough black cock going deep into a cheating wife mouth in the last picture, here is another one for you. You simply can’t get enough of cheating wife movies where there is a lot of big black cock sucking can you? And this picture below is really nice because it shows the lovely Adrianna’s hair cascading down away from her lovely pretty face, and that look she has in her eye is one of sheer satisfaction with what she’s doing. This cheating wife loves humiliating her husband and she’ll quite literally bend over backwards to do it to him. I think it’s working Adrianna!

Cheating Hotwife Gangbang

Adrianna is so fucking hot it’s unbelievable that she even got married, don’t you think? If I was a hot blonde whore like this I’d be out getting as much cock as I could; oh… wait a minute, she is doing that isn’t she? I nearly forgot that this blonde bitch was a cheating wife. Don’t ask me whose cock she has in her mouth in this last picture because to be perfectly honest I’ve seen so many fucking hot cheating wife movies that I would find it hard to remember; who knows? Perhaps it’s the camera man getting a little bit of extra action. I know that if I was a cameraman for cheating wife movies I’d have to get my cock in there at some point or other in order to get a little extra on top of my salary if you know what I mean! Who wouldn’t for Christ’s sake?

Cuckold Gangbang Cheating Wife Sucking Cock

I think the best thing about the picture however is the way that this cheating wife has got her husband to stick his head up her ass and lick it. It must feel pretty good for her, but I sincerely hope that this guy in front doesn’t pump too much air into her; you never know where it’s going to come out! Anyway, if you want more cheating wife movies then you’ll have to click the links and see what we have to offer in our cuckolding section; there are plenty to go at folks, so happy searching.


Hotwife Gangbang

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