Hotwife Alexis Breeze

Alexis Breeze Loves Slut Wife Training Her Cuckold

Alexis Breeze is one hell of a woman in slut wife training, you can tell by spending a little time on this page browsing the images we’ve taken time to present to you; you won’t regret a minute of it believe me, and should you make it to the end you might even be able to watch a free clip of the movie for slut wife training. Well Cheating Wife Alexis Breeze is certainly worth the extra effort to watch isn’t she, and she is the perfect slut wife.

Slut Wife

So first we see her sucking on the black pipe! Look at that slut wife training, it looks like she’s got a penis shaped bong and she’s sucking like hell on it. And now enter the husband who spies something going on. I’m guessing that by the look on his face he knows that she is a slut wife, and he’s just waiting for the right time to catch her in the act. Well Alexis Breeze isn’t the type of slut wife that’s going to take orders from her husband anyway, so despite his suspicion and dissatisfaction with whatever she’s planning and doing, he’s eventually going to have to go along with it anyway!

Slut Wife Alexis Breeze

And judging by this picture above, this is exactly what he’s doing; putting up with it! Alexis Breeze doesn’t seem too concerned about his presence and she seems to have given him adequate instructions to stay the fuck away while she goes about her slut wife training behaviour with the huge black dude on the bed, who is equally unconcerned with the entrance of the pathetic, ineffectual husband.

Alexis Breeze

Now Alexis Breeze finds it a little too difficult to just leave her husband standing there, but her personality as a slut wife doesn’t allow any mercy, and her a pathetic husband doesn’t deserve any either, so she enlists him into gripping her ass cheeks in order for her to relax a little; after all, she is a slut wife, so why should she jump up and down on this huge tool when she can get her husband to do it for her?

cuckold husband

“oh yes baby!” she says, “suck my toes you worthless piece of shit. That’s all you’re good for. That and paying the god damn bills, so suck them.” Can you imagine this slut wife saying that? Well, yes, you’d be right more or less, and when you see the movie of this you’ll understand just how nasty slut wife training Alexis Breeze can be to her pathetic cuckold husband, and just how pathetic he is to allow her to treat him in this way. All I can conclude is that he likes the treatment, what else can it be?

Alexis Breeze sucking cock

Here they change position so that Alexis Breeze can raise her leg for her pathetic husband to lick and suck her toes a little more; although this looks more like her husband is sniffing the feet of his slut wife. He needs to get away from this slut wife training and maybe take a mistress of his own perhaps? Hell, who I am kidding, this pathetic piece of shit loves this treatment; it’s what gets him through the night.

Alexis Breeze humiliating her cuckold

Now look at this husband in the photo above. He’s got his head shoved, rather roughly, by Alexis Breeze, right down so that he can watch his slut wife get pounded from behind in the doggy position. Alexis Breeze is punishing him for some reason, and really fucking humiliating him. She is one hell of a slut wife. Maybe she thinks that if her husband sees that big black cock going into her from behind like that she’ll get that new car she’s been bitching and moaning about for the last six months; and still they can’t afford! This idiot husband will probably go and get another job just to buy Alexis Breeze what she wants.

Alexis Breeze cuckoldrix

Now, if that doesn’t get this slut wife what she wants, then there is always that good old fashioned, tried and tested technique, of grabbing your husband by the balls and squeezing and twisting until he agrees to anything you say. This pathetic wretch pretty much agrees to anything any, otherwise his slut wife wouldn’t be getting fucked by another man in front of him, so I think that Alexis Breeze is doing this just for the fun of it; perhaps she likes to hear the little shit scream and whine in pain?

Alexis Breeze ball crushing

There’s only one thing worse that having your wife squeeze your balls like this, and that is of course having her squeeze them like this when she’s being screwed hard by another guy! That has to be the worst slut wife training trick in the book; especially when they really squeeze like they mean business. Even if the pathetic husband was feeling horny watching his slut wife getting fucked hard in every imaginable position, he couldn’t get a hard on if he tried; this is simply because his slut wife has a hold of his balls and keeps him in permanent agony!

Alexis Breeze slut wife

And finally Alexis Breeze the slut wife lets go of her man’s nuts and allows the natural color to return to them and his face . But this reprieve is short lived. Very soon after he has been enabled to take a gulp of air and settle himself down after his nut sack attack, he gets his head pulled down again, forcefully, right into the mix of the action; he is forced, yet again to watch that huge black cock, much bigger than his own, ram into his wife. It’s hard to tell if she’s got hold of his ears or she’s just pulling down his head, I really can’t work it out; although he does look like he’s in enormous pain, so it’s probably the ears. Hey man, you signed up for this shit!

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