Hotwife Alexis Lee

My Asian pussy is so tight. My husband joins me when I’m fucking other white guys. I force him to suck cock because I do not like to do it. I only like to be fucked and sucked. My cuckold husband has the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. When he bought me from China, I was surprised American men had such tiny dicks. His dick would never satisfy my slit so I went out and found one slightly bigger.

Asian Hotwife Alexis Lee

I like to lay on my back and spread my legs and pussy really wide. I rub my clit and my pussy juices gush all over my thighs and onto my ass. While I’m rubbing myself off, my boyfriend and husband watch as I’m about to cum all over the place. Right as I’m cumming my boyfriends rams his cock into my wet cunt and my small cocked husband spreads my leg wide so he can see him sliding in and out. My orgasm squeezes his cock so tight that he almost cums.

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I shoot a flood of cum all over my lovers cock. I want it even deeper and faster. My husband lifts my leg as if it were in stirrups and I shove my foot into his mouth and make him suck my toes as if he were sucking a rod. Then my lover shoots a wad in my hole. I let it drip down my thigh and on to my so my husband can suck every creamy drop clean.

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