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To Ally Ann, cuckolding is a way of life. Now I’m not sure how long she’s been with this husband but I do know that she’s been cuckolding every man she’s been with since being a young teenager. To Ally Ann a man is not just someone to fuck her, and this cuckold with her is certainly evidence to back up that claim. Her own man is there to do exactly as she says whilst she has a little fun with her other lover, who doesn’t have to follow her instruction. As we can see from the picture below, Ally Ann expects her man to do exactly as she says, and if that means laying there and watching her get screwed by another man then that’s what has to be done. However, we hope for her cuckold’s sake that her other lover is bi-sexual because some of her cuckolding techniques might not agree with him if he’s not! Make sure to watch the free cuckolding videos on this site. Join the members area for hours and hours of cuckolding videos.

Ally Ann cuckolding her husband

For example, in the picture below, of the free cuckolding videos, we have Ally Ann cuckolding her man in a classic humiliating way, and to be perfectly honest, I can’t tell from this picture whether or not the cuckold does in fact mind having his wife’s lover’s cock thrust in his mouth. I know he wouldn’t have much choice in the matter, not with the cuckolding mistress Ally Ann, but I really don’t think he likes it! Mind you, I don’t think I could get with all that pushing of my head against the other guy’s cock, it would make me extremely pissed off; I don’t like my head being pulled and pushed for anyone, especially another man’s dick in my mouth.

Ally Ann forcing her cuckold to suck cock

But wait, I think her looking into her lover’s eyes has made her a little jealous of her cuckold and she wants a bit of that hard cock herself. I’m still not sure about her husband though, he looks as though he might be waiting his turn to get that dick shoved in his mouth again. It can’t be easy seeing your wife Ally Ann sucking on another man’s cock, but it’s equally as difficult with Ally Ann’s school of cuckolding when she forces him to suck it too. Watch the clip of the free cuckolding videos.

cuckold watching Ally Ann suck cock

What else does Ally Ann make her cuckold perform in the free cuckolding videos? Cuckolding cannot be said to be complete without a little asshole licking can it? So this is what Ally Ann has her obedient husband doing next. He spreads her rather nice looking ass cheeks and sticks his tongue straight in there, regardless of what’s going on around him; namely a large cock sticking into his wife’s pussy! He is a very good bi-cuckold isn’t he? I’m sure Ally Ann is very proud of him and won’t make him do too many more humiliating things.

cuckold licking Ally Ann's ass

Ooops! Aright then perhaps she will. And here her cuckolding lessons start to know no bounds. Her husband is again the victim of her over enthusiastic love of cuckolding her men, and she decides to grab his head and push it down on her lover’s cock again. In this free cuckolding video, I do hope her lover is enjoying this. Perhaps he is bi-sexual after all; either that or he will have his eyes closed! One mouth is the same as the next in my book, who really cares about whether it’s a man or a woman sucking your dick; just be grateful someone is doing it, that’s what I say!

Cuckold sucks cock

Alright then, that’s enough of that cuckolding, now onto something else; there is one thing you can say about Ally Ann, and that is she keeps her cuckolding rigorous and diverse doesn’t she? Now, as you’ll see in the picture below, her husband is taken away from her lover’s cock and forced to spread her ass cheeks wide open so that her lover can get a good thrust into her tight, wet pussy, and we can all see what’s going on down there (as if we couldn’t guess!)

Ally Ann cuckolding her humiliated husband

Now after her cuckolding had clearly pissed off her husband in that last picture, we see that she has decided to punish him even more by sitting astride her lover’s tool and forcing her gullable husband to lick her ass yet again! Damn, this cuckold is going to have some smelly breath when this movie is finished! Having said that, he actually looks as though he’s beginning to enjoy his cuckolding experience a little more, and perhaps she can’t push him any further? He has survived Ally Ann’s cuckolding!

Ally Ann getting fucked

So with a virtual smile on his face he watches lovingly as the movie comes to a close, and his wife gets fucked real hard towards the climax; her lover is really slamming her down hard in this picture below and she is more than likely wailing and moaning in a curious mixture of pain and desire. He caresses her feet to relax her as she her pussy is pummelled into the bed like it’s a wild horse that needs taming. What a loving cuckold; Ally Ann should be very happy with this.

Ally Ann is a cheating hotwife

So if cuckolding is your favorite and you haven’t had enough with the free pictures of all the action then why not check out the movie clip below and really get a taste for cuckolding and all that it entails; bitches like Ally Ann will show you how it’s done perfectly. When you see her getting fucked, and humiliating her cuckold of a husband, you’ll absolutely love it, and more than likely shoot off in your pants before you can even download the whole movie; but trust me, you won’t regret doing it. And you be sure to do as your told now!

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