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It has always been my fantasy to have a bi cuckold husband. I am in my first year of college so marrying is out of the question. For now, to fulfill my fantasy, I have to practice being a cheating wife with my neighbor and a boy I met that works at Taco Bell. I saw my neighbor look at me with interest in the past. When I asked him to role play as my bi cuckold he was surprised, but agreed. I told him that I would need to use his house to act out my fantasy because there was a chance that my parents and siblings could walk in on us. The boy that I met at Taco Bell is a little slow but gorgeous. He was very impressionable and I knew he would follow along with anything. When I asked him to meet me at my neighbors house for a taste of my pussy, he thought I was joking. I reached over the counter and grabbed his cock and told him that sluts like me do not joke about their pussies. He was all too excited to comply. I wrote down the directions and address with a crayon so that he would understand where to go. It was set. I was going to finally start to live out my filthy vision. I went to my neighbors house and told him to hang out in the closet until I got Taco boy comfortable. He rushed to obey. When taco boy arrived, I took him into the bedroom and stripped him down. He had a nice average cock. After I undressed him, I laid him down in the bed and sat on him. I slowly slid my firm shaved pussy up and down his cock, working myself up to that cheating wife sensation. That’s when I gave my neighbor the signal to come in. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than a guy up my cunt and the vision of my husband licking my juices off of another mans cock while I’m fucking him.

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While my pretend husband was keeping my pussy and Taco boy’s cock tidy, I was pinching my nipples and moaning in pleasure. I could not believe how slutty I felt, which only made my pussy wetter. I had my pretend bi cuckold husband massage his asshole and arouse himself while I was being fucked from behind by Taco boy. He was fucking my pussy faster and faster and I knew he would explode at any moment into my slit. As his thrusts became faster and his cock became engorged he started to cum in my pussy. I immediately reached back and pushed him in firmly by the ass cheeks so that he would not pull out. I held him in as tight as I could as not to let one drop of his snake juice escape my cunt.

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When I was satisfied that my pussy retained all of his cum, I laid onto my back and had Taco boy lift up my legs. His cum started pouring out of my pussy like warm lava. I started rubbing it all around my swollen clit. I invited my make believe bi cuckold husband over to suck on my pussy and eat the cum of another man from me. He was sucking my pussy madly and was aroused by the unmistakable flavor of another mans cum inside of me. He shoved his finger inside of me digging out what he could, then I became so overwhelmed with erotica that I burst into orgasm. It was the ultimate feeling of being a slutty wife.

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