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This was the night that I was truly dominated by my wife and her lover. My wife laid back, spread her legs and let another mans cock penetrate her. She screamed as he fucked her, pinching on her nipples, and smacking her tight ass. I was excited but still could not get my dick hard. She ordered me to lick her cunt juices off of his cock and balls. She had bigger plans for me.

Andy San Dimas

He got her really fucking excited and fucked her beautiful tight pussy until she came. Then he stopped. He demanded that I was to wash his fucking cock with my mouth. My wife grabbed my hair and said “do what he say faggot, and ask him if you can suck his cock!”. I hesitated, “ASK him if you can suck him clean” she demanded. So I did. Then she slapped me across the face and screamed “say PLEASE faggot”. So I did. I licked the end first and stuck my tongue into his piss hole. He started breathing really heavy and moaned the words “suck it deeper, harder, fuck it with your mouth”. I started taking it in deeper and faster.

Forced Bi Cuckold

It felt like he was going to burst into my mouth at any time. My wife started pushing my face deeper into his meat forcing his dick to the back of my throat. His cock went passed my gag reflex and she held my face into him. I could not breath and was about to pass out when he let out a loud roar and pushed my face off of him. He spewed his white slime all over my wife’s belly. He looked at me and said “you didn’t think I was going to just let my man juice just slide down your throat did you”? I was glad he didn’t actually. I never had that shit in my mouth. Well that was about to change. My face smacked me across the face again and demanded that I clean every drop off of her.

Forced Bi Cuckold Humiliation


Forced Bi Cuckolds

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