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Andy San Dimas is on her honeymoon, and I don’t quite know how to say this, but she is actually making a cockold out of her husband on their wedding night! Can you believe it? This must be the worst type of cockold to be, one made so on his wedding night; it’s not fair is it? And here we have her, Andy San Dimas, in the flesh, making a cockold of her husband. However, you have to hand it to the man, as pathetic as he is allowing her to do this, at least he’s getting what he can out of it sexually. Here you can see him having a good old grope and feel of his wife’s pussy while she quite blatantly goes ahead and sucks the other guy’s dick.


This cockold thinks himself so lucky to have married Andy San Dimas that he dare not complain about the fact that this other guy clearly looks as though he’s going to get to fuck the cockold’s wife first on his wedding night. This must be the worst humiliation ever! Well I suppose if the guy had a cock that was twice the size of yours then it would be worse, but not much more! Who the hell could this guy be anyway, I’m not sure I remember how they play the storyline to this one to be honest. I know they’re all shit storylines but anyway we’re not here for War and Peace are we? But I do like to try and remember. Perhaps he’s the bell boy; you know the hotel porter person or something like that, and perhaps this action is a tip!

cockold husband

Look at those lovely wedding stockings she had on just for her cockold husband. Or did she know all along that she was going to fuck up his wedding night and humiliate him by fucking and sucking another guy in front of him? It makes you wonder doesn’t it? I don’t suppose that any man could turn her down anyway, whether her husband was there or not to be honest; she is quite clearly very beautiful, and to many men, she is also very available.

cockold humiliation

So this poor chump of a cockold is now having to lick his wife’s ass while the other guy, the porter or whoever the fuck he is, shags her senseless with her on top. I sincerely hope that her husband got lots of wedding presents that he likes, or at least a nice house and the likelihood of a good inheritance from her father or something for all this fucking he has to put up with. Because there is one thing for sure, if he has been made a cockold on his wedding night, of all nights, then things are very unlikely to change for the future are they?

cockold hubby

As if it wasn’t bad enough getting him to lick her ass, now Andy San Dimas get her poor unfortunate cockold wretch of a husband to suck off her lover’s cock! She has a steady hand on his head, confident that she can get her cockold to suck off her lover without any argument at all. And I’ll tell you what, even with the hand of Andy San Dimas on his head, he is doing a pretty good job of sucking that cock isn’t he? I reckon I might even let him suck mine! When I see scenes like this, and the one below, it makes me think that this cockold was in actuality a bit bi-sexual anyway. If the cockold wasn’t I think he’d perhaps show a little more abhorrence to such a thing as sucking another man’s prick; although Andy San Dimas is a pretty firm handed woman.

cockold slave

Talking of firm hands, it looks like Andy San Dimas has her cockold exactly where she wants him. It is clear that she want to heighten the pleasure of her other lover and the only way (or the best way) she can do this is to get her pathetic newlywed cockold husband to lay underneath her and her lover while she gets fucked. Her cockold is instructed to lick the end of her lover’s cock and suck on his balls until the lover is satisfied and spurred on enough to give Andy San Dimas a real good time. And by the looks of her she certainly verified the fact that she is indeed very happy with the situation. Who wouldn’t be happy with the situation if they could basically fuck anyone they wanted and remain married too? This bitch has got it all ways hasn’t she? And not only that, she’s fucking beautiful to go with it!

cockold wife

Her cockold is such a dutiful man. Look at the pictures above and below and you’ll see that this poor guy will do absolutely anything to keep his new wife happy, and this includes sucking all the hot jizz from another man’s cock! This is certainly something I would not do, under any circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, I like cockold porn as much as the next man, but sucking another guy’s cock has to be left to the bi-sexual fellas out there. Mind you, he does look like he’s doing a good job of it doesn’t he? Perhaps I’d change my mind if someone were to offer me some head.

cockold cheating wife

And what, may I ask, is the inevitable conclusion to all this fucking and cockold cock sucking? A great big gooey jizz shot that’s what, and here’s one that’ll make your eyes water. This cockold is led on to the very end by Andy San Dimas, and she insists that after her lover has bolted his load all over her tummy, her cockold has to lick up every last drop. This cockold movie is a highly charged erotic classic so don’t miss out. Check out the clip below if you want to get a new perspective on it.

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