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My husband is lucky he even gets to join in but sometimes he’s a good boy and I allow him the pleasure of sucking my lovers cock. As I’m sandwiched in between the two, my husband sucks on my lovers balls and licks his shaft keeping it nice and moist. He sucks and tugs on my clit which makes me scream with pleasure. While my husbands dick is in my face, I tease it, flicking it with my tongue. He spreads his legs and his dick begs for more teasing.

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As I’m being fucked like a dog my husband strokes his cock faster and faster thinking I’m going to cram it down my throat, but I just watch as he gets himself closer to busting his nuts. His balls are gorged with cum and he whimpers as it boils up inside waiting to explode. His whimpers get so load that my lover pulls his cock from my pussy and shoves it in his mouth to quiet him down. When my pussy gets evacuated, pussy juices pour out onto my husbands neck. This does not make my slit smile.

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I try everything to get my lover to plow his cock back into my cunt but my husband sucks so good that he doesn’t want it to stop. I spread my legs wide spreading my lips as both of them look on enjoying their own thing. Finally my lover cums down my husbands throat to which he continues sucking it until it’s soft, waning him from his overwhelming pleasure. My pussy is left aching to be filled and if it goes unattended much longer, I will put duct tape over my husbands mouth.

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