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Cameron Love is a cuckoldress with a heart. You see there is a simple difference between Cameron Love and the way she treats her cuckold husband, and the way a lot of wives treat their cuckold husbands. Cameron Love has a free cuckold. This basically means that her cuckold is free to do what he wants. This doesn’t change the fact that the free cuckold is still a cuckold, and this free cuckold certainly knows the rules by which to play the game. He doesn’t get to fuck his wife, and he still has to do as he’s told, but he can actually take the initiative and get involved by spreading legs and sucking cock etc as he sees fit.

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This is a cuckold that loves to be one and wants his wife fucked by another man more than anything else. Just looking at the picture above gives you the definition of a free cuckold doesn’t it? It’s so much nicer to occasionally see a free cuckold that doesn’t necessarily have to have his head forced down on another man’s cock when he clearly doesn’t want to. This free cuckold is clearly happy that it’s pleasing his wife to have him licking the tip of another man’s dick. And for the free cuckold it’s enough to see his wife enjoying another cock.

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So what Cameron Love gives to her lover is not only a good fuck and a good blow job, but she also delivers her free cuckold husband who is also clearly pretty good at performing oral sex on a guy too. This lover of Cameron’s must be bi-sexual too I suppose, otherwise he’s have a much bigger problem with another guy tonguing his balls in the way that this free cuckold is doing in the picture above.

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But wait! Look at this, now things are really going to get heated up, and it looks as though our free cuckold is getting a little closer to the very end of that lover’s hard cock. But then it’s pretty difficult to see whether or not he’s going to lick his wife’s pussy or suck his wife’s lover’s cock! It all gets pretty confusing from here on in folks. Cameron Love isn’t complaining however, and if she gets half as much pleasure from seeing her free cuckold husband playing with her lover’s cock as her lover does from the situation then she’ll be a very happy woman.

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And here it is at last, the insertion. Cameron Love finally gets that big cock stuck inside her, and judging by the expression on her face, she’s more than a little bit shocked about how big it feels. Come now Cameron Love, you look like you can handle it! And what is her free cuckold doing? Exactly what he knows he should be, and enjoying every minute of it; you can tell this by looking at his cock. If he were being forced to suck his wife’s feet and watch while she was being fucked by another man then his cock would be as limp as a biscuit in hot tea wouldn’t it? The proof of the free cuckold is in the stiffness of his cock!

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This free cuckold knows exactly what to do in order to please himself, his wife, and her lover. All it takes basically is his blessing in many ways, and a consenting cuckold is a joy to behold for the lover in this strange sexual triangle. It makes the lover feel more at home if the cuckold is in fact a free cuckold, or at least one so domineered by his wife that he is rendered so completely ineffectual no complaints would ever be heard. But this free cuckold openly grabs his wife’s lover’s cock and plays with it whilst pushing it into her wife’s open, waiting and wet pussy as she straddles him. Cameron Love looks like she’s going to enjoy this fucking, and it looks as though it’s going to go quite deep; that’s a nice big cock!

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Eventually Cameron Love wants to get her free cuckold a little more involved so she suggests that he lay on his back while she is fucked from behind, nice and hard by her lover’s thick and long hunk of meat; as if she didn’t have enough when she was on top! Of course the free cuckold isn’t complaining, he fucking loves this view, it’s perfect, and it allows him to whip out his tongue and hit the spot on either his wife or her lover without too much difficulty at all.

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And finally, as you can see in the picture above and below, our free cuckold decides to take the whole of Cameron Love’s lover into his welcoming, appreciative mouth, for some lovely deep throat sex. This free cuckold is so happy to oblige his wife’s lover and his wife that he will take this shaft so deep into his mouth that he will eventually almost choke of the damn thing! What a trooper this free cuckold is, and where the hell did Cameron Love find such a consenting, free cuckold? They must be a rare species. Actually, perhaps you’re one of them? If so, I take my hat off to you sir.

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You’ve always got to feel a little sorry for the cuckold in these movies haven’t you? Especially when he’s such a good, consenting, free cuckold like this one. I mean, look at his cock stood up there to attention, and yet no-one will grab it and jerk it off or suck it for him; he is the slave in the background. But he likes it that way, so good luck to him!


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