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I’m a filthy slut that loves when older men treat me like I’m their little girl. My husband has a huge black dick but he’s younger than I am, so it made sense for me to ask my best friends father to come over and talk to me like a little whore. My Poppa feels my pussy and tells me that I’m a naughty black loving slut. I tell him that I’m going to be really bad and I lay back and spread my pussy wide letting my husband know that I’m ready. My husbands large cock fills my entire pussy when he’s only in me half way. I spread my shaved pussy wide enough for my Poppa to see. When he sees my pussy stretching and my husbands cock going in and out, he tells me that I’m a dirty whore and should be fucked harder. He tells me I should be punished for being a bad girl. This turns my husband into a cunt thrusting crazed man. He fucks me harder yet my pussy doesn’t receive his full length until my Poppa says it’s OK.

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When I’m getting fucked, I like to tell my Poppa that I will be better next time and that I won’t fuck my husband unless he’s there. When I think he is convinced that I won’t be naughty, he allows my pussy to take the full length of my husbands huge dick. I spread my legs as wide as they will go and lift my cunt up to receive. My husband grabs onto my ass as tight as he can and forces himself so hard into me that I can hear my cervix popping. Without sliding in and out, he fucks inside me with a warp speed gyration. I am screaming from pain when all of a sudden without any warning he pulls out and releases his warm cum on the outside of my pussy.

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This really pissed me off because I wanted to cum first. My Poppa told my husband to go to another room while he deals with me. I knew I was in trouble now. Poppa came over to my cunt and started licking up the cum slowly. He told me that since I have been naughty, my punishment was that I was grounded to my room and wasn’t allowed to cum today. When Poppa left, I was bad and did a naughty thing to myself.

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