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Charly Chase is the star of many great cuckold videos and this one is no exception to that fact. This is one of her best cuckold videos to date, and you simply need to see it to believe it. I’ll give you a little run down about it just to see what it’s all about and show you a few stills taken from the movie. Charly Chase makes her cuckolds do all manner of things for her cuckold videos and in the following pictures you’ll see quite a few.

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For example, take the picture above. You’ll see that Charly Chase’s cuckold videos are not the usual run of the mill type. In this one it’s her birthday, and what does every devoted cuckold get for his wife for her birthday? A big black cock, that’s what of course; hell cuckold videos wouldn’t be made if he just got her a box of chocolates would they? And what can Charly Chase do to make her cuckold videos stand out from the crowd? What can make them extra special, besides being one of the hottest porn stars on the planet? Well take a look at the picture below.

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You see in this image Charly Chase has reversed the roles a little, although her cuckold is still under strict instruction no doubt. She’s actually got him to pull her hair back and thrust her head down onto the big black cock in front of her. Talk about great cuckold videos, this must drive her cuckold absolutely mad with a mixture of jealously and desire. I think all I’d want to do is pull Charly Chase off that cock and grab her head and thrust it down on my weapon instead; I could certainly do with some good head around about now!

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And I’d much rather get some good head from Charly Chase than a mouthful of her saliva! However, her cuckold isn’t complaining much is he? He seems to submit quite easily to it all doesn’t he? There is one good think about Charly Chase cuckold videos, and that is she will always bring you the most subservient cuckolds every time; she pushed them to their very limits. I actually think that my limit would have been much earlier than this!

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Now Charly Chase has finished humiliating her cuckold for a little by dribbling gooey saliva directly into his mouth, she decides she’s going to force him to watch her fucking this big, black stud. And here you can see here making cuckold videos classic by jumping up and down on a big black cock. As long as there are babes bouncing on big black cocks and their husbands watching and being subservient, then there will always be cuckold videos that will make your mouth water!

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It’s a rare occurrence in a Charly Chase cuckold video when you actually see her allowing her cuckold to touch her tits, as we can see below, or even lick and suck her nipples as you can see in the picture above, so Charly Chase is really playing with the conventions of cuckold videos here. She clearly loves all the attention and is not prepared to have her cuckold lazing away just watching her getting a good fuck from the black guy, she wants him fully involved (all thought not penetrative!) and ready to do what she wants. Her screen husband in this movie certainly looks like he’s happy with this arrangement; you can tell by the adoring look on his face in the picture below, and how he looks so interested in Charly Chase’s nipples (as if he’s never seen them before).

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Charly Chase wants to make great cuckold videos, it’s plain to see, and this is how she’s doing it. With allowing her cuckold to do things to her she is making the change here. It’s almost as though the guy was a free cuckold; perhaps he is, although this isn’t usually Charly Chase’s style. In the picture below you can see just how she rocks the cuckold boat (so to speak) by deciding on doing something different again for the cuckold videos industry. Here she decides to give her lover a foot job (not something you see often), and she mixes the two fetishes very well. But the best part of this shot is that her cuckold is quite clearly playing with her pussy! As we have already seen, Charly Chase can’t be left alone for long, and she won’t waste a man, even if he is a pathetic cuckold fuck like this one; might as well get them doing something!

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And finally the last shot below details the beautiful spread cheeks of Charly Chase, lovingly held apart by her cuckold. Her face speaks a thousand words in this image, and it’s that smiling face and that wide open mouth that say “I am having a seriously fucking brilliant time here! There is nothing I would rather do than make cuckold videos, and I intend to do it for as long as I’ve got the body to make them.” I think she’s got that covered don’t you? I can’t see this fantastic body going anywhere very fast at all. If I had a choice to make cuckold videos and I had to pick my actresses then Charly Chase would be at the very top of the list, and I also think that I would cast myself as the stud who gets to fuck her; I actually don’t think I could take being the cuckold. How the hell can you watch a babe like this get slammed all day long and not want to do it to her yourself? This cuckold is a professional, no doubt about it!

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