Hotwife Charly Chase 3

I love black cock so much that I had it tattooed above my clit. My white assed hairy cuckold husband treats me like a queen when I’m being stuffed. He cradles my head as I scream and moan and gently massages the nipples on my bouncy fake tits. He helps me spread my legs wide so I can take it in my fuck hole even deeper.

Hotwife Charly Chase

This black cock is so fucking huge I have to jerk it with both my hand and feet. It makes for a great way to spread my cunt nice and wide so that my husband can flick and twist on my engorged clit. He gets my pussy nice and wet when ramming his fingers in and out at battery dildo speed. I can feel his stiff rod rubbing on my back as it gets tangled in my hair. Of course I love my old man, but nothing can satisfy me like a thick dark cock.

Cuckold Hotwife Charly Chase

I especially enjoy when my old man stretches my asshole as my cunt gets crammed full. My tits swing and slap my face when I get pounded. Deeper and deeper my lovers meat drives my insides up into my throat. I scream and screech in delight when I feel the hot, messy load of cum filling my gaping gash. While my lover lays glistening with sweat, I mount my husbands face and squeeze out the puddles of sweet, sticky, cum in his mouth. Then we snowball the delectable delight.

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