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Imagine if you will, coming home and finding your wife engaged in cuckold sex with another man. I am sure you’ve already imagined it otherwise you wouldn’t be here would you? I bet you love cuckold sex videos. Are you one of the bisexual cuckold husbands watching wife having sex? But imagine that your wife is the very lovely Charly Chase and she is having cuckold sex at your expense. How would you feel about it then? I have to say that even though I like cuckold sex videos, I would find it hard seeing my woman fucked by another guy; especially if she was Charly Chase.

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But then what makes matter worse is that when she’s all naked and he’s got his cock out and cuckold sex is certainly happening, you are then forced to get involved. Not just involved in the cuckold sex, but according to Charly Chase you have to get physical with the other guy like you’re bi-sexual.

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Now maybe you’re already bi-sexual and you wouldn’t have a problem with forced bi cuckold sex like this, but there are many out there who might find this a bit of a surprise and perhaps even find it difficult, despite the fact that they like seeing their woman fucked by another guy.

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In the picture below the only real happy cuckold sex porn stars look to be Charly Chase and her lover in this cuckold sex video. Charly’s cuckold husband doesn’t look enormously happy does he? He’s being forced to sit between the legs of his better and watch what’s going to happen between him and his wife Charly Chase.

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And here we can see that the cuckold sex video has well and truly heated up. Things are taking off and Charly Chase has her lover’s cock buried in her pussy. Her cuckold can’t do a fucking deal about it, and even if he could Charly Chase won’t let him, she has other plans for him. In fact she has decided to recruit him into sucking on her nipples in the picture below; this is certainly a job I would volunteer to do without a single moment’s hesitation.

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This however, in the picture below, doesn’t look like something her cuckold had bargained on doing when he was forced to suck her nipples while she fucked her lover. Now she wants to force her cuckold husband to lick the cock that’s fucking her. Charly Chase is really a dominant bitch isn’t she? And she knows how cuckold sex is supposed to go. She will exploit this for all it’s worth and see just how far her cuckold will go.

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What a change of taste the cuckold has to put up with now, as Charly Chase changes the cuckold sex scene to have him licking out her asshole straight after he’s finished licking the cock of the lover she’s taken into their marital home. As if it isn’t bad enough that this other guy has a bigger cock that Charly Chase is clearly more interested in, now the cuckold has to put up with his wife sucking the guy’s cock too!

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Now cuckold you will watch as I get fucked hard by this guy’s bigger cock, says Charly Chase to her lover. Cuckold sex is at its best when this sort of stuff happens. When the bitch has her cuckold’s face pointing towards her ass and pussy while another cock is slamming into it as hard as hell, is one way of pointing out that she is in complete control; as if this guy didn’t know already! It must be almost agonising catching your wife fucking another man, but to see it this close must be even worse and so humiliating!

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Now I know some of you love to see your wife getting fucked by another man, and many of you will have been directly involved in cuckold sex, but for those of you who haven’t yet experienced it first hand, take a good look at the picture below and decide if you could see another guy probing you wife like this. And then consider that she might want to force you to do things that you ordinarily wouldn’t have considered.

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Still like the idea? Well good for you. With Charly Chase in control of the cuckold sex in this scene I don’t think I’d have too much trouble with it either to be perfectly honest. The toe licking and nipple kissing etc would be well easy, and as long as I kept my eyes closed I don’t see that I’d have any trouble at all! This cuckold does look like he’s really enjoying his foot licking thought doesn’t he? I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to be; I thought that he was supposed to be completely humiliated so that he couldn’t look his woman in the face?

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Here you see Charly Chase must be close to her climax and you can almost imagine that she wants her cuckold to see her come with another man before her new lover cums. Her cuckold must watch every single movement in and out of her pussy so that he then knows how it’s done; not that he’ll get much of a chance or even come near to giving her the same amount of pleasure as she has had here though. She has clearly been fucked better during this cuckold sex scene that her husband has ever fucked her in his life.

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So she has had her fun has she? Well she has climaxed probably a couple of times (she loves her cuckold sex), but her fun certainly isn’t over yet. She has yet to completely and utterly humiliate her cuckold in front of her new lover. Her new lover is quite prepared to do what is expected of him in this last picture, and I can imagine that you’ve worked out just what that is. Yes you guessed it. Forced bi cuckold sex wouldn’t be the same, or even nearly the same without the cuckold having to take a cum shot from the lover, or at least lick up the mess! And here he gets a nice big shot, very nearly in his eye.

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