Hotwife Chelsie Rae

Chelsie Rae With Her FemDom Cuckold

Welcome the femdom cuckold world of Chelsie Rae. Chelsie Rae is the cuckold’s worst nightmare simply because she gets exactly what she wants; if she doesn’t it means an awful lot of trouble. This femdom cuckold commander doesn’t let her cuckold get away with what he wants you know. If you think that this cuckold is getting a bit of action under Chelsie Rae in this image then you’re wrong. He’s there because femdom cuckold babe, Chelsie Rae has told him to get under there and worship her ass; the man is doing precisely what she wants him to do and nothing more. What Chelsie Rae wants, she gets, and what she wants in this femdom cuckold movie, is a nice big, black dick to play with and torment her cuckold. And as you can see in the image below, she gets more than enough cock!

Chelsie Rae sucking cock

Could it be that this big, black dick has become a little too much for the femdom cuckold porn star Chelsie Rae? Has she been forced to only lick the end? Never, not Chelsie Rae, she never gives up on a dick she actually wants; only those belonging to her cuckold! She must be merely teasing the black guy in this image and posing for the camera shot. And what do you think she’s done with her cuckold? That’s right, she’s told him to get out the fucking way while she gets some big cock action. When femdom cuckold star Chelsie Rae tells a cuckold to move aside, he fucking well does it; and quickly!

Chelsie Rae licking cock

When Chelsie Rae has had enough cock in her mouth she decides to mount the huge weapon like she’s getting on top of a horse (I suppose this guy is pretty much hung like a stallion anyway). This cuckold must be really pissed off looking at the size of that cock; I know I would be! I don’t think mine is even half the size of this one!

And what’s this, the femdom cuckold babe has actually consented to allow her cuckold to grab her arse? Well I would imagine she has instructed him to rather than consented to him doing it wouldn’t you? It isn’t as if he is allowed to do anything on his own is it? He’s not worthy of using his initiative and fulfilling his own desires; the femdom cuckold star makes it pretty clear from the beginning that her cuckold exists to follow her instructions.

Chelsie Rae getting fucked in front of her cuckold

Look at this femdom cuckold star Chelsie Rae doing the reverse cowgirl on this big black dick. Can you believe some of the names we have for these sexual positions these days? They sound like dances for Christ sake! I must say that when you see the video (if you do) and you see Chelsie Rae and her pert little titties bouncing and shaking all over the screen as she gets fucked and forces her cuckold weakling to watch, you’re going to be glad that you made the effort. Watching Chelsie Rae doing her black dude like this makes me so horny I can almost feel my own cock slide in and out of that tight pink pussy. I just know that she’d fuck me good and hard, and she’d probably never even break a sweat; what a pro Chelsie Rae is people! I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Chelsie Rae riding a huge cock

What’s this? Has Chelsie Rae gone quite mad this time? Is that her cuckold licking her beautiful little titties while her black dude fucks her tight pussy? I think it is, but I can’t believe it! Well, as with anything involving this femdom cuckold star, she must have told him to, and it must still be pretty humiliating for him not being able to fuck her himself. The femdom cuckold star has told him what to do here, it’s quite clear to see, otherwise he’d have his hands all over her and his cock in her mouth wouldn’t he? But that’s not the idea of the femdom cuckold fantasy is it? No, they do as they’re told, when they’re told; and what’s more, they put up with it.

This is a pretty good shot I must say. The camera angle is perfect, and it captures all three of them. It’s also quite nice that the pathetic cuckold is barely in the picture; kind of symbolic of his sexual position in the threesome I think.

cuckold getting humiliated

And then it’s back to pushing the little cuckold out of the way again, because Chelsie Rae needs to concentrate on that big black weapon as it enters her from behind. As some of you will no doubt know already, getting it from behind is quite a rough process and those big, black cocks can penetrate quite fiercely sometimes. Chelsie Rae knows it, but she fucking loves it, and this femdom cuckold porn queen can certainly hold her own against her black counterpart. She absolutely loves getting impaled from behind, and loves it even more because her cuckold man is watching, in the wings, as it were.

Chelsie Rae getting fucked from behind

It’s rare to come across such a dominant femdom cuckold movie star, so when you get the opportunity to watch Chelsie Rae playing this kind of role you really don’t want to miss out. I watched this cuckold movie several times and I still have to watch it at least once a week to remind myself what an unlucky cuckold I am too (when I watch it I imagine that I am the partner who is left out and forced to watch). So prepare yourself for a really fantastic femdom cuckold movie, with Chelsie Rae giving one of the best performances of her career so far (in my opinion). Her co stars are lucky guys to get the opportunity to work with her; some of them a little luckier than others for obvious reasons!

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