Hotwife Dahlia Sin

There are few things I like more than having a big dick shoved in my cunt. One thing I thoroughly adore is forcing my old man to take my boyfriends ample meat hard and deep in his ass. Then I don my strap-on and cram it down his throat. Just for kicks I sometimes make him put on my bra and force him say he is a good little girl.

Dahlia Sin

I love the look in his eyes as his asshole gets stretched. I can feel him gag on the dildo I have shoved deep in his throat as my boyfriend pushes his cock hard in my husbands ass. Sometimes we fuck my old man for hours, then tie him up and go out to find more guys to obliterate his holes. After a few margaritas and table dances we go home and have a party in my hubbies butt.

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My boyfriend shoves the old man’s head onto my dildo as I pull. Thrusting my hips back and fourth I smack him across the face. I like having a bitch to abuse. My old man makes one ugly bitch, but he plays the part excellently.

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Forced Bi Cuckolds

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