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Eden Adams is a cheating wife, the cheating house wife, you’ll never forget, and one her husband has no choice in remembering; especially when she brings home other guys and forces him to watch. Watch my cheating wife Eden Adams in the cheating house wife videos. The poor bastard has to go along with his hotwife just to keep his marriage alive. Secretly though, I think he likes it, you can just tell by looking at him. Also, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think that half the things his cheating wife forces him to do in these cheating house wife videos are even possible if you don’t like it just a little bit! I am sure you would like to watch my cheating wife.

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Just look at the way cheating house wife Eden Adams husband sucks on this other guys cock though. Now that looks a little convincing doesn’t it? These cheating house wife videos are amazing. He actually looks like his cheating wife is making him do this stuff, and he’s looking into the other guy’s eyes as if he wants to kill him!

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Eden Adams must be happy with her cuckold husband to allow him this close to her lover’s cock; it isn’t as though many cheating wives can be this open about fucking another man. Watch my cheating wife Eden Adams who can quite happily have her husband take part (under her terms of course) in her sexual transgressions! For those of you who don’t understand that word, it basically means to go where you shouldn’t!

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And Eden Adams certainly shouldn’t be here, sitting on top of this other guys cock, forcing her husband to lick her lovers’ balls for Christ sake. Her husband is very tolerant I must say. I could never put up with a cheating wife like this, I think I’d have to get a divorce. I sincerely hope that this guy gets a good kick out of his cheating wife.

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I was about to say I think this cheating wife movie has gone one step too far here. It actually looks like Eden Adams husband is going to fuck her lover in the ass. Although, if you look very closely you’ll see that there is one big problem (well small actually). Her husband’s cock is tiny and not even hard. How could he fuck anything with a flaccid piece of meat like that? Impossible! So perhaps he isn’t getting turned on by any of this, and maybe it is just a case of him having to do exactly what his cheating wife tells him to.

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So the humiliation knows no bounds in this cheating wife movie, as we can see here with Eden Adams pushing her husband’s face into her asshole with great delight. Her husband however, doesn’t look that impressed with it to be honest. Unless you seriously like licking asshole, I doubt there are many people who would be impressed with it. I’d rather lick the other guys balls again to be honest! At least Eden Adams is happy, and that’s what is important here; to us, and indeed to her husband. It is his duty to follow instructions, watch his cheating wife get fucked hard by another man, and also lick whatever she tells him to.

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Here we see Eden Adams having a bit of a lazy moment. She can’t even be bothered to lift her legs for the other guy to fuck her. If there’s anything worse than a cheating wife, it’s a lazy cheating wife. So her husband is brought in to help out and lift her legs up; he can also give her a rather pleasing foot massage there too whilst she gets fucked in her tight little pussy. Eden Adams, you really are a very lucky girl to have so much attention from two men. I bet this guy wishes that for once he could get a couple of girls maybe, and lay out of the bed while they give him a good seeing to. In your dreams buddy! This cheating wife isn’t going to go for that one, not ever. If you want something like that you’ll have to go out and pay for it; especially with a cock that small dude!

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“A little extra stimulation dear?” Asks husband as he sticks his tongue just above her opening to find her exposed clit being shook around by this huge cock pounding in and out of her. Eden Adams is certainly lucky to be a cheating wife with such an obedient and tolerant husband, he’s got his tongue right in the action there. I bet he wishes that he could trade places with the other guy though, and perhaps fuck his own wife a little. However, I’m afraid that is not the nature of a cheating wife movie my friend, you are in it to be humiliated and to suck and lick stuff that you may not actually want to; all in the name of Eden Adams!

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So when she wants a little bit more rest, what does Eden Adams do? She pops out that huge nob that’s been fucking her like mad, and this cheating wife forces her husband to put the end in his mouth and give it a good lick and suck. Look at where he’s got his hand, right on his cheating wife’s butt. It almost looks like he’s trying to push her away from her lover, and take her back for himself. Maybe he’s sucking the other guys cock to distract him from the fact! That would be funny!

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And finally the finale! With all this fucking going on there is but one inevitable conclusion, and this is of course the fabled cumshot. Where will it land? Well you’ll have to watch the movie to work that one out. Maybe both of them get it in the face? That would make for a great ending I think you’ll agree; especially if Eden Adams pushes her husband’s face in the way of the shooting cum at the last minute. What a bitch of a cheating wife; I wouldn’t put it past her!


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