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Cuckold Husband Eating Creampie For Flower Tucci

I’ve never seen such a convincing looking cuckold husband as I have in this movie. This guy is really well and truly worked over in his character and it’s important to remember that when you watch this movie. Just look at the expression on the poor guy’s face. But clearly he’s not the only one who deserves credit here. In this movie you will see the cuckold husband eating creampie. What about the very lovely Flower Tucci? She has made cuckolding her career and there is no one better at making cuckold husbands than flower Tucci; you just wait until you see the movie. Cuckolding movies are all pretty damn hot, but when you get something as stylised as this little movie presenting itself to you, with characters like Flower Tucci in them, you cannot fail to get it and watch it.

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This cuckolding expert knows no bounds, and here we see the beautiful Flower Tucci with her cuckold husband eating creampie in quite a love grip (or is it perhaps a “do as you’re fucking told” grip). He is forced to open her ass cheeks wide so that he can see the size of the cock that is entering his wife’s pussy. How must that make you feel? If you’re married and you’ve never experienced this cuckolding business before just take a moment to reflect and think about how that must make you feel to see your own wife getting fucked like this. This is a primary tactic of cuckolding, making the cuckold husband feel completely inadequate and tiny in the pants department; and look at the size of that black trouser snake for Christ’s sake, who wouldn’t feel inadequate.

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And at last we see the big black lover in this movie, even if it is only a glimpse of him from behind Flower Tucci. Her cuckolding is getting better and better here, and her cuckold husband is made to sit off camera and watch her take this big black cock into her mouth. I know that cuckolding requires Flower Tucci to fuck another guy, preferably with a bigger cock than her cuckold husband, but this is just taking it one level too far isn’t it? She must have found one of the biggest black cocks in the business for this movie, and that smile and that open mouth must be terrible for her cuckold husband.

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Now this cuckolding babe seems to have had that smile wiped from her face doesn’t she? It must be something to do with the huge cock buried in her ass that’s making her grimace a little more than smile; I bet that this big black cock is taking her breath away as she attempts to sit down on the thing, I mean how far can that go for goodness sake? The cuckold husband won’t be happy about it though, simply because there is no way on earth that he could make Flower Tucci feel the same way; not with his pathetic little cock. Her cuckold husband would struggle to get it up, never mind up to the size of that cock.

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This is a great shot, I really rate it. If cuckolding is about making your cuckold husband jealous and downright sick then this Flower Tucci has got it down well. Look at the size of her pussy now that she’s had a massive black cock in there. Since her lover has pulled out of her pussy and buried his cock in her ass she has something that resembles an axe wound for Christ’s sake! What cuckold husband could ignore this and simply sit there taking it on the chin like this time after time. Well it must be this type of cuckold husband, because either Flower Tucci has such overwhelming control over him, or he is a complete and utter pussy; I’m not sure which to be honest. Flower Tucci will force her cuckold husband to eat creampie.

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Now we see the cuckold husband reintroduced into the action. Flower Tucci has condescended to allow him to cradle her legs wide open while her black lover pummels her arse and pussy with his huge black, cuckolding weapon of mass destruction and pleasure. This poor fucking cuckold husband can’t even look in a different area of the room while his cuckolding wife gets fucked. Where could you look and not see this huge piece of meat in your peripheral vision? It’s virtually impossible isn’t it? I can’t for the life of me think what must be going through his head right now, but if he gets any closer to the cuckolding action in this scene it could quite easily be that black guy’s cock!

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I was wondering when they were going to get the cuckold husband out of his clothes. And now that he is out of his clothes, his cuckolding wife has hold of what little hair he has again and she is actually shoving his face into a puddle of cum all over her pussy and stomach, put there in a hurry by her big black lover! This lover really has shot off a hell of a mess too hasn’t he? Just look at all that sticky goo for goodness sake! Flower Tucci looks completely satisfied and ready to just get into bed and fall asleep doesn’t she? I know if I was her I don’t think there would be anything I’d rather do after having my pussy and my ass drilled like that! At least she making her cuckold husband do the clean up after the movie; in her opinion he probably doesn’t deserve any better. Isn’t he a lovely cuckold husband eating creampie. As far as I’m concerned I feel a little sorry for the poor son of a bitch, cuckolding isn’t all that much fun if you’re on the receiving end of a bitch like Flower Tucci.

cuckold husband eating creampie

So wow, what a movie huh? I bet you want to go and watch it now don’t you? You’ll get to see this cuckolding bitch in action like you’ve never seen a cuckolding bitch before; she makes all the others just look like mere cheating wives. Her cuckold husband really doesn’t know what the fuck has hit him during this movie, and he’s agreed and complied with everything that she has told him without question. What a man this cuckold husband is; and what a cuckoldress Flower Tucci is man!


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