Hotwife Gianna

Cuckoldress Gianna Snowballs Her Cuckold

Welcome to the world of Gianna the cuckoldress. She is mean, nasty, and she loves to get a nice bit of cock while her husband watches helplessly behind her. Gianna the cuckoldress bitch is the queen of humiliating her cuckold husband. This movie is one of the best Gianna movies I’ve ever seen and the way she treats her guy in this movie is second to no other cuckoldress in the industry. Just take a look at these shots and you’ll get a real feel for the Cuckoldress Gianna and her abilities. Make no mistake when it comes to Gianna, she is the best cuckoldress in the business.

Cuckoldress Gianna

Gianna has her man watching her get pounded from behind. The cuckoldress queen has already forced him to get naked, and insisted on him watching her getting a great fuck from this black guy, so what can she possibly do to him that’s worse than this? Oh I know. The nasty cuckoldress could make her fella watch her get fucked from all different angles. Gianna is such a cruel cuckoldress bitch isn’t she?

Cuckoldress Gianna getting fucked

Following this utter humiliation it looks as though our cuckoldress bitch, Gianna wants to get her man involved a little; but only a little. Here we see Gianna the cuckoldress making the most of her superior position in this cuckoldry dream. She brutally rams her cuckold’s face into her ass and demands that he licks her asshole while she gets fucked nice and deep by her big black cock! This cuckoldress must be having one hell of a time with that cuckold’s tongue shoved up her asshole.

Cuckoldress Gianna sucking cock

If that doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth of Gianna’s cuckold then the next bit certainly will. If he loves his cuckoldress it can’t be easy seeing her take this thick black cock as willingly, and as easily as she does. The shot below shows the glorious cuckoldress grinning insanely at the camera while her man does goodness knows what off the camera; perhaps he’s beating his head against the bedroom wall in turmoil, or more likely crying to himself, I know I would be if I wasn’t allowed to ram my cock into Gianna; I’m virtually crying now looking at the pictures! The other dude is certainly filling his boots with cuckoldress Gianna isn’t he? And soon to be filling her mouth with a load of hot, sticky jizz no doubt!

Cuckoldress Gianna loves getting fucked by a big black cock

Gianna the cuckoldress is in full swing in this movie, she really knows no limitations, and when she wants to be nasty, she really knows how. Watch as Gianna grabs one of her favourite sex toys and shoves it into her obeying little cuckold’s mouth. The cuckoldress strikes again, only this time she’s armed with a black dildo! I hope she doesn’t shove it too hard, that thing looks like it could impale the poor old cuckold. Gianna is a real bitch; the poor guy could lose his teeth like that!

Cuckoldress Gianna humiliates her cuckold

And what’s left for this cuckoldress sex scene? Well the cumshot of course. And this black guy knows just where he wants to land all his jizz. Gianna the cuckoldress herself is the target, and whereabouts? In her lovely gaping mouth of course, but not before Gianna has sucked on that big black dick for a while first, while her cuckold husband is forced to watch again. The way Gianna the cuckoldress sucks cock is absolutely amazing. In actual fact I haven’t seen that kind of blowjob action in a movie for a long time, and it’s certainly a first for the cuckold niche. She slides the whole thing in so neatly, as though her mouth were built for fucking; it’s as simple as that. She hardly even gags on the guy’s tool. I bet her cuckold husband is as jealous as fuck as he watches her swallow down this massive black tool.

When you see the movie you’ll see just how long and fast this cuckoldress babe Gianna really can suck this cock. You’ll be amazed at how the guy holds back for as long as he does!

Cuckoldress spit

So, you would think that our cuckoldress bitch, Gianna, would be satisfied now wouldn’t you? What, with completely humiliating her cuckold husband by fucking this other guy and sucking his cock dry of all it’s hot spunk, she should have had enough; and her husband must surely have had his fill. But, the answer I’m afraid is no she hasn’t. As far as Gianna the cuckoldress is concerned, she has certainly not satisfied her desire to humiliate her man; in fact, she has only just begun her cuckoldress humiliation.

With a mouthful of gooey, sticky, warm cum from her lover, Gianna the cuckoldress goes into her next phase. She snowballs her husband! Yes you heard me correctly. Just take a look at the image below and let me know if you could stand that. I’m sure there are many cuckolds viewing this site, but could you honestly take that humiliation from Gianna the cuckoldress? I presume that you could if you’re bi-sexual, but it would be pretty tough to swallow (no pun intended) if you were not!

Cuckoldress Gianna snowballs her cuckold

So there you have it. What a movie this is, and you should really consider watching Gianna the cuckoldress in action, in the movie’s entirety; it really is worth it. This guy has never had it so bad, and Gianna the cuckoldress doesn’t let up on him for a moment. Oh to be a cuckold! They look so fucking miserable.

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