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Giselle married her much older husband at the tender age of 18. Her husband had always showered her with gifts and love. He would make his co-workers jealous by bragging about having a gorgeous young wife as his arm ornament. One thing Giselle’s husband really liked was that tangy taste of cum. He would never let his load stray into her mouth. He always made sure to splooge up inside of her snapper and suck his man juice out. He’d dig his tongue deep inside not leaving a drop behind. He could not get enough of his dick smoothies and would frequently pork off into his right hand for a quick snack. This led Giselle to believe that her husband had a jizz addiction. He gave her everything a girl could ever ask for so it was easy for her to obey her husband when he told her to invite another man into her bed. Giselle complied, and imagine her husbands surprise when he came home from work to a black large cocked mother fucker that looked like he could shoot out enough cum to fill a kiddie pool. Giselle, being the good impressionable young wife that she is, immediately took to sucking on the black anaconda while her husband held it in place.

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Giselle appeared to be enjoying sucking on the other mans rod too much and her husband decided to take it away from her. He wanted the blookie all for himself. He sucked the black man’s cock raw to no avail. He was getting frustrated at this. He had Giselle rub herself off and when her pleasure started to peak, the black mother fucker decided to push himself on top of her and thrust his huge black skin flute deep into her pussy. Amidst Giselle’s orgasm, the chocolate deluxe came so much that it spewed out of her pussy like a volcano. This was Giselle’s husbands trigger and he physically put her on her hands and knees and sucked on her pussy like it was going out of style. It was then that he felt like a master at bi cuckold.

Giselle Leon

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While Giselle’s husband was dining on the cum from inside her fly trap, he ordered his wife to continue sucking on the cock of the black man. The black man stood there watching the beautiful Giselle getting her shaved gap tore up by her husband. He knew he had to let Giselle suck him off one more time in order for her to satisfy her husband. He was more than willing to stand there politely, getting harder, leading up to another cum buster in order for her to satisfy husband.

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