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My forced bi cuckold husband gets to suck my boyfriend’s dick while I fuck him to oblivion. I get on top of him and grind my pussy and pinch my nipples until I get dripping wet. My husband lays right at my boyfriends ass waiting for my signal to lick. While I’m grinding back and forth with my back facing my lover, my husband has to suck on my clit until it is bigger than a grape. Once it’s swollen to perfection, I make him suck on my boyfriend’s ball sack. He puts the whole thing into his mouth and tugs, stretching it out. While I’m being fucked, before I thrust back down on my lovers cock, my husband licks his shaft, making him rock hard and fucking me even deeper.

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I fuck him harder and harder holding onto my clit in between my two fingers. I squeeze it into a bulge for my husband to lick quickly up and down. While my lovers cock is in my pussy, my husband inserts his finger into my cunt feeling his hard rod inside of me. This makes my boyfriend scream loudly that he’s about to lose control and blow his load. I immediately jump off of him allowing him to release his juice onto my swollen titties.

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After his loose sperm is on my tits, I rub it in. I lay back to allow my husband to finish pleasuring my throbbing cunt. He sticks several fingers into me and presses his thumb firmly onto my clit. I spread my legs wider than the grand canyon to allow all four of his fingers inside of me. He presses on my clit so hard that I uncontrollably orgasm. His hands are soaking wet and I have him lick them dry. When his hands are clean, I bring his face to my tits to suck off my lover’s cum.

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