Hotwife India Summer 2

I caught my whore wife cheating on me a couple of years ago. I walked in from work and she was tugging on my neighbor’s black cock. I felt like I was hit in the head with a brick. He divorced two years ago and my wife comforted him while he was separating from his, which apparently warranted him to filth up my wife’s pussy. She refuses to quit talking to him and I can not bear to break up our family. Now I am a forced cuckold husband that is always on the receiving end of a black spitting cobra. She will suck his cock while cramming my face into her stretched out cunt. When his dick is spewing, she aims it for my face only to further humiliate me.

Forced Cuckold Husband

My wife has always loved my dick cramming into her doggy style. Only now, she makes me watch her lover stuff her like a turkey while I’m spreading her ass apart. The harder he pounds, the louder she screams at me to spread her ass further apart. I just grab on and dig my fingernails into her ass cheeks and slide her back and forth into King Kong’s schlong.

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While her cock holder is pleasuring my fucking neighbor, I get more enraged with every scream and moan that comes from her dick licking mouth. I have been known to push her ass so far back into my neighbors cock that I can literally see her insides bulge. It makes my dick hard when I see her in pain. It also turns me on that her pussy is being worn and torn into used goods.

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