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India Summer is a hotwife and a half! Would you agree? Well her cuckold husband certainly does, although he is often forced to allow her some of her bigger friends in to their bedroom to play. This is one of those cuckold hotwife stories. There are advantages in this however; particularly if you get off on seeing your hotwife fucked hard by another man, and you’re content to watch and wank. That’s what this husband does over his hotwife India Summer. Here you can see him in the picture below, making himself comfortable on his bed with his cock in his hand, whilst India Summer, his amazing hotwife, goes to work with a big black dude.

India Summer cuckolding her husband

It’s pretty hot watching your wife get drilled hard by another cock actually, I’ve done it once or twice before. You can never hear enough about cuckold hotwife stories. I’ve never had a black guy fuck my wife though; this I have to try out, I bet it’s fucking awesome. India Summer is certainly not complaining about the action she’s getting from her black guy anyway, and why would she? She is such a hotwife I bet she’s taken no end of big black cocks in her tight little pink pussy.

Cuckold watching India Summer

India Summer looks like she has lovely soft skin. I would imagine that in the picture above, her husband is thinking the very same thing. These are the types of cuckold hotwife stories people talk about. Having a hotwife that looks this good must be an enormous boost to your self confidence. Her husband certainly seems secure with these goings on, and in the picture below he’s even got a bit of a smile for the camera. I think I’d be smiling if I had my hands on India Summer’s lovely pert tits. I can imagine being with her there. I’d do just what her husband is doing. I’d stroke those tits lovingly as she was fucked by the black dude. I would feel the weight of them in my hands and gently stroke the underside of them where her skin is softest. It would take me all my time to stop getting my cock out and thrusting it between those lovely pert tits, and stick it as far as it would go into that mouth of hers.

Cuckold helping India Summer get fucked

I would also be pretty content to do this with my hotwife too is she looked like India Summer. Look at her husband lovingly sucking and licking her toes while the big black stallion goes to work on India Summer’s pussy. What a lovely shot this is. India Summer doesn’t seem at all phased by the fact that her husband is there, right behind her when she’s getting fucked. Do you think she insists on it, or do you think it’s him that does? Maybe both of them? I’ve known couples In the past who have gone well into stuff like this. It’s not always about being the dominant one, and we often alternate the role. It gives us both great pleasure to slightly humiliate the other one occasionally.

Cuckold sucking India Summer's feet while she gets fucked

So now comes the time as in every cuckold hotwife story, and cuckold porno movie where the hotwife sucks on the big black cock. India Summer knows how to suck a dick though people, and she goes to town on this big black dude. In fact she gets her husband so turned on by her cock sucking that he simply has to bury his head in her beautifully wet and nicely softened (thanks to the black dude) pussy. He licks away happily for what seems like an age while India Summer sucks and sucks; this bitch could suck a golf ball through a mile of garden hose man!

Cuckold worshipping India Summer's pussy

But as India Summer gets more and more into the taste of her giant black sausage, she gets rougher and rougher with her husband between her legs which is normal in most cuckold hotwife stories. He doesn’t mind of course, why would he with a hotwife like this over his face? But she is beginning to show us how much of a great cuckold porn actress she really can be when she shoves her husband’s face into her snatch, so deep that he can barely breath!

India Summer sucking cock

I think by this picture, hotwife or not, India Summer’s husband might just be getting a little pissed off by this cuckold stuff. He probably expected to be able to fuck his hotwife himself when all this began, and now the stark reality of having to do as he is told may be just hitting home with him. Which is the case in most cuckold hotwife stories. Now he has to clutch his hotwife on the ass and push her onto the black guy’s cock. Must be agony when you’re busting to fuck her yourself. That is a particularly nice ass on India Summer isn’t it? Lovely and small and tight. I’d like to see her shove that black cock in her asshole; that would be really worth seeing, I actually think this black dude might damage her if he did!

Cuckold helps India Summer get fucked

By the look on her husband’s face it looks as though this may be nearing the end. I think he’s had enough, but there is no way his hotwife is going to let him off the hook that easily; on no! He has to clutch onto her ass, as the big, black dude with the giant cock fucks ten bells out of his hotwife. Could life get any worse for this guy?

Cuckold hotwife

And there you have it. Another great hotwife cuckold movie for your enjoyment. Watch the clip, and take my word for it when I tell you that the actual movie is real fucking hot. No-one I’ve ever spoken to in the past has ever regretted watching India Summer perform on screen.


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