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I used to have a pet dog. I had to get rid of him when I got married. I hated to do it but my husband got jealous every time I would fuck Fido. So I quit fucking the dog but I couldn’t orgasm unless the puppy was watching us and panting lustfully. The old man said it was him or the dog. I decided to keep my husband and turn him into a cuckold because even though the dog had a bigger cock, my husband had a bigger bank account.

Cuckold Humiliation

I missed my pup something awful. I hadn’t had a good dick or an orgasm since I was forced to give him up. That’s when it came to me. I would make my cuckold husband be my new pet and he would have to watch me get fucked by a huge prick with giant dick. I made him wear a collar and leash. I give commands like sit, speak, and lick that cum. I think he hates that even more than when I fucked my fuzzy pup. He doesn’t like it when I smoke around him either.

Humiliated Cuckold Husband

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Of course, this only motivates me to pin him to the ground and smoke a cigarette while getting pounded by some random dude that was just walking past our house. The neighbors get annoyed at me sometimes. Not so much because I’m loud when I am getting screwed, rather that I don’t wait to get my new meat into my bedroom. I simply lay a blanket in the front yard and fuck on the lawn. I think they wish they could be as free.

Cuckolded Husband Humiliation

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