Hotwife Jennifer 2

Jennifer’s Bi Cuckold Hubby Eats Creampie

Jennifer has certainly got her cuckold hubby where she wants him. There are very few people who would put up with this sort of behaviour, and there are very few people who can get away with performing it, like Slut Wife Jennifer here. Her cuckold hubby won’t argue with her because she’s so fucking hot, and she probably, occasionally allows him to fuck her. To please his Cuckoldress Jennifer, this bi cuckold hubby eats creampie. But judging by this little gem of a movie, you’ll see that when she wants real, true satisfaction she’ll engage the services of a big, black man! And what can her cuckold hubby do for her while she indulges in black cock heaven? Well, he can suck her toes for her and perhaps massage her feet; nothing more of course, at least at the moment.

cuckold hubby worshipping feet while cuckoldress sucks cock

Like all good cuckold porn movies Jennifer begins the action by sucking the big black cock in front of her hubby’s eyes. Her cuckold hubby doesn’t even get a look in. In fact at one point during the filming of this blowjob Jennifer actually shoves her hubby out of the way, asserting the point that if he can’t fuck her, then he’ll only be of any use to her when she decided, and certainly not before. So here we see it below, poor old cuckold hubby being shoved aside by Jennifer, really quite angrily by the looks of it! I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a nose bleed from that little slap.

cuckold hubby gets slapped in the face

When Jennifer decides it’s time to swap around a little, she takes that giant cock out of her mouth, and again in front of her cuckold hubby, she sits astride that big fat dick and fucks it hard! When you see Jennifer sitting atop this beast it looks almost supernatural. I think it must be her petite little frame in contrast to the huge black cock that appears to be digging deeper and deeper inside her pussy; is there anyway left for it to go I ask?

cuckold hubby getting humiliated

And what about hubby? Well he is forced to watch as she bounces her sweet ass up and down in the lap of the big black guy, pounding her pussy like there is no tomorrow. I wonder to myself if hubby likes this, and then I see his face and truly understand how painful it must be to witness Jennifer fucking this guy in this way (both mentally and physically painful). But for us it’s all good and below you can see a lovely close up shot of some badly drawn tattoos and a sweet pink pussy sliding down a big, thick black cock! There’s no better place for interracial sex and white man humiliation than these cuckold fuck movies folks; you get to see it all.

big black cock inside cuckoldress pussy

But what’s this? Is cuckold hubby actually getting an opportunity to get near his wife’s pussy? How can hubby be so privileged? Cuckold movies are about restraint and humiliation, there is no way. But what’s that written on her tummy? I think she’s taking the piss here, and hubby isn’t going to get very close to pussy at all. Perhaps he’ll only get to lick around the outside; either way he’ll only get to put his tongue exactly where Jennifer tells him to. As a thank you, this bi cuckold hubby eats creampie.

cuckold hubby tastes cock from Jennifer's pussy

I can just about make it out now. Yes, that writing on her tummy says black cock only. So there is little to no chance at all that cuckold hubby is going to get an opportunity to dip his love stick in his own wife; at least during this session. It doesn’t stop hubby being optimistic though does it? Look at his below with his cock in her hand, desperately trying to make it look big. He has the end of his cock so close to Jennifer that he could just pop the end into her mouth. Trouble is that she doesn’t want her cuckold hubby to come near her with his cock; hell, can’t he read the signs? Disregarding the writing on her tummy for a moment, I think that the most common sign to tell him where he is strictly not allowed to put his cock is simply in Jennifer’s actions alone don’t you? You can be pretty sure of her answer when she’s fucking another man in front of your face can’t you hubby?

cuckold hubby watches hopelessly

And here’s hubby below, again with his cock in his hand, perhaps still hoping that Jennifer will lean forward and pop it into her mouth and suck him off. It isn’t going to happen hubby, so you would be well advised to get over it; she simply doesn’t want you.

cuckold hubby watches his wife get fucked

Now look at the image below and tell me if cuckold hubby could have got the message now. It must be pretty hard not to get the message when your wife is sticking her middle finger up, right in your face, and the guy who is fucking her is trying hard to stifle a laugh when he looks away. And if that wasn’t enough there is a giant sign pointing to her pussy that reads “black cock only” As we’ve said before, hubby should really get the message by now shouldn’t he? The poor bastard!

Cuckoldress Jennifer humiliates her cuckold hubby

But Jennifer isn’t content to just disallow her cuckold hubby access to her pussy, she has to quite literally point it out to him. Now you would think she could tell him verbally wouldn’t you? Well not in this type of movie. Here she must humiliate him as much as possible, and in order to make it a little worse she decides she’s going to push her hubby down again, forcing his head so he can see all too clear his wife getting fucked by another guy.

Jennifer loves black cock

It can never end for hubby, he’ll have to live with this for the rest of his life, wanking alone in their spare bedroom with his memories of Jennifer and the black guy. I wonder which of them has the best memories of the event. I’m going with the black guy on this one folks! No responsibilities, and no problems from the cuckold hubby. We all know that bi cuckold hubby eats creampie.

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