Hotwife Jennifer 3

I love my boyfriend, but he isn’t the smartest. He is so dumb in fact that I have to write directions to my juicy hole on my tummy. Unfortunately, it occurred to me that he couldn’t read so I had to put an arrow pointing to the sweet slot. You would think it would be instinct. It could be that me forcing my old man to watch is too distracting for him. Fucking moron.

Interracial Cuckold Husband

I worry that my less than intelligent man meat won’t know what do to when I turn over and get on my knees. I back into his huge, hard cock taking it up my ass until it tickles my tonsils. I love being rammed in my shitter so deep that it damn near pops my eyes out. I love staring into my husbands terrified face and licking my lips. My lover’s plump penis would throb inside my tight ass.

Interracial Cuckold Humiliation

I could tell that he was about to blow. The flood of cum is going to fill my hole completely. I turn back over and pull my husbands hair, drawing him ever closer to the cumsplosion about to blast from my twat. The more he resists, the more I pull. After the flood of hot, sticky, sweet jizz fills my fuzzy cup, I make the ball and chain slurp it out of my well fucked hole. I can’t wait to force him to suck my shit hole clean.

Interracial Cuckold Slave

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