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Cuckold Sucks Bull’s Cock For Dominant Jennifer

Well in this movie the cuckold sucks bull’s cock as much as Jennifer the babe. She gets him so obedient that I don’t think he’d do anything else other than what she asks him to do. Her lover is one of the luckiest men alive. Not only has he got a babe like Jennifer to fuck, but he also knows this cuckold sucks bull’s cock, and believe me he’s going to get all he can out of this situation; wouldn’t you?

cuckold sucks cock

This cuckold sucks bull’s cock so well that one could almost imagine that he’s gay! He isn’t however, he’s as straight as they come; well he was until now. Once Jennifer got her hands on him and turned him into a cuckold sucks cock he now comes under the label bisexual; or perhaps it would be more appropriate to entitle him as a forced bi cuckold. It really does look as though he’s enjoying his cock sucking though doesn’t it, when you look at the pictures? Or maybe he has his eyes clothes and he’s actually dreaming about sucking an ice cream or something completely different.

cuckold sucks bulls cock

There’s another thing, not only that this cuckold sucks bull’s cock, but he also watches like a good boy and does exactly as he is told when he is told like a good cuckold. In fact when you look at this picture below it’s hard to tell whether that expression on his face is one of longing or sadness. He could be upset to see his woman getting her pussy fucked by another man, or he could be actually craving that cock in his mouth again; maybe the more this cuckold sucks bull’s cock, the more cock he wants.

cuckold sucks dick

If Jennifer isn’t careful she’ll turn her cuckold into a gay man and he’ll leave her to do different movies on different websites! I’m sure we’ll get them though no matter how dirty they are. This cuckold sucks cock so well that I would simply have to get the gay movies too. Look at him below in the picture with his woman’s claws in his head. That’s the only word I can use to describe those fingernails on Jennifer; they are so much like claws it’s unbelievable. I wouldn’t have her clawing my head like that; I don’t suppose her cuckold has much choice though. He has clearly been commanded to lick her pussy while she gets fucked and she is directing him in the right direction.

cuckold wife

We know this cuckold sucks cock well, but how well do you think he licks balls? Well in the picture below you’ll see him have a go at the task, and to my mind it looks as though he’s certainly putting his mind behind the task and sorting out his orders rather well. When you watch the full movie of these naughty people you’ll see this cuckold sucks bull’s cock like no other, and anything that goes alongside such an activity has also been mastered and put into practice.

hot wife cuckold

More tongues from the cuckold in the picture below, and in this scene he appears to be liking his cuckold sucks bull’s cock routine a little less. He actually looks as though his head is being forced where it doesn’t want to go. He is required yet again to lick the balls of his woman’s lover and do nothing about it because what Jennifer wants, she gets. There is no fucking about with this woman, and you could be sure that if this cuckold messed her about even a little bit she’d kick him out and get another cuckold in.

cuckold sucking

In this picture this cuckold sucks cock like a true cock sucker. Again he looks completely at home with that cock in his mouth. In actual fact I think that the only thing that looks odd in the picture is actually Jennifer bizarrely enough. If you took her away, being the only one to look into the camera and just left the boys on the screen it would look like a pretty good gay scene wouldn’t it? Especially since Jennifer’s lover seems to be really enjoying his cock being sucked by this cuckold; just look at the expression on his face as he feels it going in the other guy’s mouth, if that isn’t pure bliss then I don’t know what is.

cock sucking cuckold

Here she is again laying back on the bed again getting lots of attention from both men just like she wants. The strange thing is that she doesn’t look that impressed does she, considering she has a guy stuck deep in her pussy and another one licking around the opening and the cock of her lover. She has them both at her complete control. The guy fucking her is thinking to himself that he’d much rather have the cuckold sucks bull’s cock guy on the end of his prick because he feels so good when he does it. Only another guy can suck a cock like a guy likes it sucked; that’s just my opinion. After a second look at this picture I think that I have fallen very much in love with Jennifer, so if she wants a little more action she could leave those two guys at it on the bed and come around to my place for a little action.

cum sucking cuckold

Again she feed her lover’s cock to her cuckold. This cuckold sucks bull’s cock as good at the end of this movie as he did at the beginning. We could call him a consistent cock sucker couldn’t we? I think he’s enjoyed it more and more as time has gone on. If I was Jennifer I wouldn’t be bringing many more men home in an attempt to humiliate my man. This forced bi cuckold doesn’t look as though he needs to be forced for much longer Jennifer. Wait until you see the movie where these stills came from, you’ll be pleasantly impressed with the standard of porno stars and direction; I don’t think I’ve seen anything this good in ages.

forced cock sucking


Forced Bi Cuckolds

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