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Jordan Neveah in a Cuckold Humiliation Movie

Jordan Neveah takes a taxi cab ride with Her pathetic drunk husband – soon to be cuckold husband. Jordan Neveah is trying to keep him awake and aroused, however Her husband has no idea he is about to experience some serious cuckold humiliation. Jordan Neveah’s cuckold husband is so drunk he is having a hard time getting his small dick hard. Jordan Neveah urges Her husband to get hard because She wants to fuck some dick right now. The taxi cab driver joins in on the conversation and tells this Hotwife that She would make him hard all day. The cuckold humiliation begins when Jordan Neveah asks the cab driver if he is hard right now and if so, She wants to see his big cock. The cab driver stops the car and pulls out his huge cock. Jordan Neveah begins stroking this huge cock while the cuckold humiliation husband is passed out in he back seat. Jordan Neveah tells the cab driver to hurry to Her place.

Cuckold Humiliation

Once they arrive at the home, Jordan Neveah tells Her cuckold husband that the cab driver is coming inside with them because Her husband is unable to satisfy Her right now. The cuckold humiliation is going to get even worse as soon as they enter the home. Jordan Neveah shows Her new lover Her favourite toy which happens to be a sex swing. Jordan Neveah continues Her cuckold humiliation by dancing for and stripping for Her new lover while Her cuckold husband lays on the couch drunk, nearly passed out. Jordan Neveah’s new lover pulls out his gigantic cock and masturbates while Jordan Neveah strips for him. They both undress. Jordan Neveah gets on the couch and sucks Her lover’s gigantic cock while Her cuckold humiliation husband rubs Her ass.

Cuckold Humiliation Movie

Jordan Neveah then tells Her cuckold husband to get down on the floor and watch Her suck Her lover’s gigantic cock. Her husband is so drunk and dazzed he does not even realize he is in the middle of cuckold humiliation. Her cuckold husband wonders why his Cuckoldress Wife Jordan Neveah is sucking the cab driver’s cock. Jordan Neveah tells Her cuckolded husband that She is tipping him for great service. Jordan Neveah then humiliates Her cuckold husband by making him taste Her lover’s cock by kissing Her in the lips. The cuckold humiliation husband even licks Jordan Neveah’s tongue to get a better taste while the giant cock black lover laughs at him.

Forced Bi Cuckold Humiliation

Jordan Neveah loves Her cuckold humiliation. Her husband begs Jordan Neveah to stop but Jordan Neveah commands Her cuckold to shut up and get back down on the floor underneath them because She wants Her cuckold humiliation husband to watch Her suck cock. She wants Her lover’s ass and balls to be near Her cuckold husband’s face while She sucks Her lover’s cock. Jordan Neveah commands Her cuckold humiliation husband to strip naked and get on the couch with his face under Her pussy while She sucks big black giant cock. She forces Her cuckold to worship Her pussy while She sucks Her lover’s cock. This is extreme cuckold humiliation.

Jordan Neveah and Her Bull lover then move over to the sex swing and he penetrates his giant cock into Her beautiful pussy. Her cuckold humiliation husband is laying on the couch, stroking himself and complaining that Jordan Neveah is having fun fucking another man. Jordan Neveah simply adds to his cuckold humiliation by telling him to shut up and jerk off. You can hear Jordan Neveah’s pussy juices from Her lover’s giant cock smacking against the back of Her vagina. Jordan Neveah commands Her cuckold husband to get under them at the swing so he can watch and continue to take the cuckold humiliation.

Cuckold Humiliation Slave

Jordan Neveah tells Her cuckolded husband Her lover is fucking Her pussy so good. The cuckold humiliation husbands obeys his Hot Wife Jordan Neveah to lays underneath them and watches from below as Her lover satisfies Her. The camera angle in this cuckold humiliation movie is amazing because you see this giant cock penetrate in and out of Jordan Neveah’s perfect pussy right from underneath. It is as if you, the cuckold is watching from the same position as the cuckold husband.

Jordan Neveah humiliates Her cuckold husband by making him lick Her pussy to taste Her lover’s cock. She verbally humiliates him and laughs at him for being so pathetic. She then forces him back down onto the ground to continue to watch Her lover fuck Her like a real man. They move to the doggie style position on the couch with the humiliated cuckold sitting in front of them stroking. Jordan Neveah continues Her cuckold humiliation by commanding Her husband to stroke while he watches Her get fucked from behind. Jordan Neveah evens spits on Her cuckold’s cock to degrade him and commands him again to keep stroking.

Cuckold Humiliation Cuckoldress

Jordan Neveah and Her lover switch positions again and now Jordan Neveah is riding Her giant lover’s cock. The lover now joins in on the cuckold humiliation and says Her husband’s cock won’t make Her cum so She has to fuck his giant cock. The cuckold husband now helps his Cheating Wife by spreading Her but cheeks so She can feel Her lover’s cock enter Her even deeper. This is cuckold humiliation at it’s best. Jordan Neveah makes Her cuckold husband lick Her pussy clean once again to clean Her out and taste Her lover’s cock. Jordan Neveah straddles Her cuckold humiliation husband’s face so he can lick Her creampie clean. He obeys his Hot Wife and licks Her pussy clean.

Cuckold Humiliation Cuckoldrix

Her lover then shoves his giant cock back into Her pussy and begins fucking Her again. The cuckold husband holds up Jordan Neveah’s foot for Her while She is getting fucked. The cuckold humiliation never ends in this cuckold movie. This time Jordan Neveah’s Bull lover cums inside Jordan Neveah’s pussy. Jordan Neveah says She can’t get pregnant so urges Her cuckold humiliation husband to get over to Her pussy right away and clean the cum creampie out of Her pussy with his tongue. Jordan Neveah forces Her cuckold to eat every drop of cum out of Her pussy. Jordan Neveah laughs and smiles at Her cuckold humiliation. She humiliates him further by commanding him to get it all.

Jordan Neveah sits and talks with Her cuckold husband and tells him that he got hard tasting black cock, but couldn’t get hard for Her in the cab. She tells him to go ahead and please himself while She watches but does not help him get off. He doesn’t deserve Her help since he couldn’t get hard for Her. She agrees to catch his cum when he ejaculates. But then Jordan Neveah degrades him again by forcing Her cuckolded husband to lick up his own cum from Her hands.

Cheating Wife Cuckold Humiliation

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