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Kelly Wells Cheating Wife Video

Alright all you cuckold fetish fans out there, do you want a really good cheating wife video? I bet you do. Well you haven’t seen a good cheating wife video until you’ve seen Kelly Wells in this one. Let me tell you that I could hardly walk after beating off to this movie, it really hits the spot; Kelly Wells is a first class cheating wife, porn actress. This movie is centred around the cheating wife, played by Kelly Wells, her big black lover, and her rather pathetic husband, who is quite sadistically forced to watch her fuck the black dude while he watches, only being allowed to play with his own cock.

cheating wife Kelly Wells

So first, Kelly Wells winds up her husband by sucking off the black dude’s cock right in front of him. What a nasty cheating wife huh? Well it still turned me right on to see her sucking on that big black dick. It seems to be a popular choice in the cuckold genre to have a cheating wife video feature stars like Kelly Wells with black guys. Her husband in this movie doesn’t seem as bothered about it as I thought he would be however, and I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I suppose that if Kelly Wells tells you to do something then you just do it and get used to it. No doubt her husband has quite literally got used to it in this cheating wife video; what choice does he have, she’s in complete control.

cheating wife Kelly Wells getting fucked

Eventually the inevitable happens, as it does in every cheating wife video I’ve ever seen, and Kelly Wells gets well and truly fucked by the other guy. And when I say well and truly fucked, I couldn’t mean it any less literally! This cheating wife gets herself fucked so hard I almost thought that her pathetic husband might actually jump in to protect her. But then we know who is in charge in this cheating wife video don’t we? That’s right, I don’t think Kelly Wells would allow him to even move, much less do anything to stop the hardcore fucking action that’s going on. The image above shows just how shocked Kelly Wells is when she feels the length of that big black cock inside her. Now, it’s not that this cock is particularly huge, it’s just that when she compares it to the size of her husband’s in this cheating wife video, the contrast speaks volumes.

cheating wife Kelly Wells making her cuckold watch

Now, as the cheating wife video continues we see the inevitable changes in fuck positions, and Kelly Wells decides she would much rather be on top; perhaps she feels a little less nailed to the sofa this way around. Her cuckold husband doesn’t look to phased by it all either, he just looks as though he’s enjoying watching her bouncing up and down on that big, black cock. Although I suppose for the purposes of this cheating wife video and the mere fact that Kelly Wells is such a formidable bitch, he doesn’t really have much choice; he may as well make the most of the situation. So this is exactly what the pathetic little cuckold does. He takes a hold of his tiny cock and wanks himself.

cheating wife Kelly Wells watching

But this cheating wife video stars none other than Kelly Wells, and if you think she’s going to let her cuckold get away with just watching and wanking himself off, you are sadly mistaken. Kelly Wells specialises in humiliation, and this cheating wife video is no exception to the rule. What can she do next to humiliate her cuckold, as if forcing him to watch her get fucked by another man wasn’t enough? That’s right, in this cheating wife video she forces him to suck on her toes while she gets drilled!

cuckold sucking cheating wife Kelly Well's feet

It doesn’t seem to matter which position Kelly Wells gets herself in, in this cheating wife video, because either way she can still humiliate her cuckold husband by getting him to continue sucking her toes while she gets fucked. Kelly Wells barely looks at her faithful little slave, cuckold as she gets fucked, but when she does it is with such disgust and disrespect, no-one could fail to feel humiliated; I actually felt a little sorry for the guy when I watched this cheating wife video.

sucking cheating wife Kelly Well's feet

There is something you need to understand about Kelly Wells, and that is she is never satisfied with one position (this is probably why she fucks other guys, her cuckold might be a little dull in the bedroom). And in this cheating wife video you can expect to see Kelly Wells getting fucked all ways. In every possible position her faithful, somewhat stupid, humiliated cuckold, watches and wanks himself happily on the sidelines of all the action. Still her cuckold sucks on her toes, even though he is inches away from that huge black cock pile driving his cheating wife into the floor. I don’t think she’s too bothered by it though, especially judging by the smile on her face!

cheating wife Kelly Wells creampie

Now here’s something you don’t see all the time in a cheating wife video like this. Kelly Wells actually condescends to allow her cuckold near her, and not only that, he’s allowed to go near her pussy! This is a shock, and it’s a privilege he should really hold in great regard, for Kelly Wells is not usually the type of wife to allow such a thing to take place. I think I know why though. Her pussy is probably full of the other guy’s cum, and she’s probably making her cuckold eat it all out! I honestly can’t remember this ending; go and check it out yourself and enjoy Kelly Wells in this amazing cheating wife video.

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