Hotwife Kylee Reese

Kylee Reese knows how to make cuckolds, and the one she’s made here is something else too. This guy is a cuckold among cuckolds, and he has a seriously tiny little dick that never seems to get hard! Perhaps he can’t; some cuckolds can only get hard by recounting an experience their wife has had with another man. So with this in mind, I suppose we can content ourselves that this cuckold can get his rocks off in private, later on; as if we actually give a shit.

cuckolds treated like a dog

I wonder if Kylee Reese keeps all her cuckolds on such a short leash too. She’s got this one handcuffed and connected to her via one of those stretchy things you used to get to hang your keys on your belt, only this one is much, much longer. Her husband also has a collar around his neck as you can see; it’s very fetching isn’t it?

cuckolds on a dog leash

Cuckolds often tend to get involved in things they don’t really want to, or things that they don’t really intend to, and this guy is no exception to the rule. Although it does appear that Kylee Reese doesn’t really give a rat’s ass what he does as long as he’s there when she wants him. As you can see in the picture above, Kylee Reese certainly does need him in this shot. She needs him to take a good look at the other guy’s cock and get well ashamed and humiliated because it’s bigger and more effective than his own. Cuckolds do get some rough treatment, but they love it really.

cuckolds wearing a dog collar

In this picture above Kylee Reese seems to have had enough of the cuckolds for a moment, and she wants to turn her attention to the meat that’s about to enter her from behind. I don’t know why that idiot cuckold is watching with his eyes wide open like that though; surely he must have known that all the other cocks on earth are bigger than his. In fact, even though small dicks see to have become synonymous with cuckolds, this guy would still lose out on the average cuckold dick out there. Imagine that, being so small you can’t even beat a fellow cuckold.

cuckolds humiliation

Cuckolds will always love this kind of treatment, and it doesn’t matter what they tell you to the contrary. If you love seeing your wife banged by another man, and being made a cuckold, then there can be little more pain and humiliation you can’t take. Cuckolds like this guy have watched their wife, Kylee Reese, be fucked from her asshole to her mouth for many years, and so have grown accustomed to the little power trips these women go on when they’re in full command. It might be very different when they’re not having sex (well one of them anyway) and the cuckold could well and truly wear the trousers in the household and take no nonsense from anyone else. But here and now we like him as one of the pathetic, sexually ineffectual cuckolds of the world, and we wouldn’t change him for the world.

cuckolds dog training

In the picture above it appears that Kylee Reese is missing her cuckold a little more than she expected she would. While she rides atop this big white cock, enjoying every fucking minute of it, she decides to pull her man in a little closer, just to humiliate him to the max and make his life seem miserable. I must say, it looks as though he can’t take his eyes off the way that cock is entering his wife; I bet he wishes he had one that big!

cuckolds being humiliated like a dog

There is one more thing the cuckolds can do for their wives, and here we have Kylee Reese giving a wonderful demonstration with her cuckold. She pulls him in that little but further. She brings him in on his little cord, so close that he ends up with his face in the balls of the other guy. While you’re down there cuckold you may as well give them a lick for your good lady wife, just to ensure that her lover’s cock is nice and stiff; ready to fuck her how you can only dream!

cuckolds worshipping their hotwife

Now this shot above interests me greatly. How many cuckolds do you see looking like this at their wives getting fucked by another, with that expression on their face? Not many I’ll tell you. This cuckold looks a little insane to be honest, but then I suppose it’s enough to send you slightly mad when you see your wife being banged by another guy; especially if your wife is as hot as Kylee Reese. Hell, I’d like to lock her away in a cupboard and only bring her out when I wanted to play; and I’m damn sure I wouldn’t want anyone else fucking her. Well maybe I’d try it out!

cuckolds worshipping their cheating wife

And here we are, coming to a close in this movie that is an amazing fantasy for all would be cuckolds out there. Imagine getting your wife fucked and you being forced to bury your head down there, right where the action was; right where that thick piece of meat that didn’t belong to you, buried itself inside your wife. And imagine for a second, if you will, having a wife as hot as Kylee Reese. Now wouldn’t that make for a great movie? I think so. So if you’re interested in seeing a little of this cuckolds fetish fantasy then click on the free clip below to get an idea of what it looks like in moving pictures!


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