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The only thing I enjoy more than a gigantic black cock splitting my pussy in two, is making my hairy piece of shit husband watch. I love that rock hard pud pounding me deep in my wet, sloppy hole. I can feel my boyfriends dick thrusting so deep I can almost gag on it. If my hubby had half the dick my boyfriend does, I might let him fuck me.

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Instead, I make him spread my legs wide so I can get stuffed by a real man. He hates it but it is as close as he will ever get to my sweet meat. He watches as the big black balls slap hard against my tight ass. My pussy juice giving them a glossy shine. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I get fucked.

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I start to moan. Then squeak. Followed by screams of delight. The force of his fucking is surpassed only by the explosiveness of his ejaculation. My boyfriend fills the condom he is wearing until it over flows. “Can we have dinner now?”, my Old man asks. I told him he could and that he should open his mouth. He refused. I grabbed him by the throat and kicked him in the nuts. This made him open his mouth wide. As he screamed in agony, I poured the hot man chowder from the rubber into his mouth. He swallowed it all like a good little boy. Tomorrow I am going to make him suck it out of my ass. What a lucky shit.

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