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I go by the name of Lizz Tayler but my faggot husband calls me Jizz Tayler. He thinks he’s being funny, but the only thing that’s funny is how he sucks the cheese from my toes when I’m sucking the mushroom on his nephews cock. Another thing that is funny, is that he still loves me even though I treat him like a used Kleenex. If it were not for cuckold sex in our marriage, I would have divorced his ugly ass a while ago. I know it hurts him to watch me rub my own pussy raw, but I cannot stand the thought of his small uncut yogurt gun inside of my beautiful shaved fuck hole.

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Besides asking for a wad of cash, cuckold sex is the only time I ever interact with my husband. I love making him feel like a piece of excrement in a dog park. His hair grosses me out and the fucking sissy refuses to cut it for me. That’s OK, if he wants to look like a queer, then I’ll use his pony tail like a steering wheel to bob his face in and out of his nephews cock. I go as far as sliding my cunt onto his cheek and squeeze out a couple of pussy farts. Sometimes I’m able to thrust a dick so deep into his throat that he can’t breath and starts to wave his arms around like how a person stranded on an island does when they see an airplane.

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I have a strap-on dildo larger than two cocks combined. I use it during cuckold sex to literally fuck the shit out of my husbands asshole. I make him bend down doggy style and shove my strap-on so deep until he starts to beg me to pull it out. When there is something that I really want, I will shove my fake cock into his brown blinker until he agrees to give me what I requested. When I do pull it out, he is always left there tugging on his soft egg roll begging for me to suck him off. I have never sucked his cock and I’m not about to start now. I am way out of his league and the fucking worm is lucky to even have me.

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