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Lorena Sanchez and Her sissy cuckold are back stage after a concert. Lorenz Sanchez is a huge fan of the rap star, they just watched perform. She is such a huge fan, She is willing to humiliate Her sissy cuckold for the chance to hang out with the star. The rap star says he will give Lorena Sanchez an autograph, if She strips for him. Lorena can’t say no to the rap star, so She begins the strip tease, right in front of Her sissy cuckold husband. Sissy cuckold starts to get upset and wants to leave, but the rap star says, if Lorena Sanchez wants to stay, She needs to play by his rules. Lorena Sanchez chooses to hang out with the rap star and have some fun, rather than leave with Her sissy cuckold husband.

Sissy Cuckold

The rap star caresses Her breasts and begins to pleasure Her while the sissy cuckold looks on in disbelief, but he can’t do a damn thing about it. The sissy cuckold actually begins stroking himself inside his pants while the rap star rubs his wife Lorena Sanchez’s ass. Lorena Sanchez is so excited the rap star is rubbing Her ass. The rap star then wants to compare penis size, so he rips down his pants. Lorena Sanchez pulls down Her sissy cuckold husband’s pants and tells them both to get closer so She can see the different. The sissy cuckold’s penis is tiny compared to the rap star’s big black cock. Lorena Sanchez laughs as She compares the giant cock to Her sissy cuckold husband’s little penis. Lorena Sanchez can’t help herself so She begins to suck on that huge black cock, while Her sissy cuckold looks on and begs Her to stop sucking.

Lorena Sanchez strokes her sissy cuckold little penis while sucking on the huge black cock. She asks Her sissy cuckold if he doesn’t want to make Her happy. The sissy cuckold says yes he wants to make Lorena Sanchez happy. Lorena Sanchez humiliates Her sissy cuckold by comparing the tiny cock to the big massive black cock while She sucks the big massive cock. Lorena Sanchez deep throats this huge black cock.

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The sissy cuckold even helps Lorena Sanchez take Her shoes off while She prepares to jump on the rap star’s massive black cock. The sissy cuckold decides to worship Lorena Sanchez’s ass and pussy while Lorena Sanchez sucks cock. Lorena Sanchez tells Her sissy cuckold to prep Her pussy. The sissy cuckold licks Her asshole and fingers Her pussy while She sucks the huge black cock.

To humiliate Her sissy cuckold, Lorena Sanchez begins making out with Her sissy cuckold, telling him how much he must enjoy the taste of black cock. Lorena Sanchez then laughs at Her sissy cuckold and goes back to sucking cock, telling Her sissy cuckold to lick Her feet. The sissy cuckold cleans off Lorena Sanchez’s feet while She sucks cock. Lorena Sanchez says Her sissy cuckold is Her pet dog. How humiliating.

Sissy Cuckold Humiliation

The rap star says he is about to fuck Lorena Sanchez’s beautiful pussy and he refuses to wear a condom. He doesn’t care that Lorena Sanchez is not on birth control. Lorena Sanchez tells Her sissy cuckold to watch while She jumps on the huge cock, riding that cock. She moans and screams with pleasure telling Her sissy cuckold to rub Her breasts then commands him to suck on Her toes. Lorena Sanchez can’t believe She is getting fucked by a rap star while Her sissy cuckold husband is watching. She loves it. She asks Her sissy cuckold if he likes watching his hot wife Lorena Sanchez get fucked.

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Lorena Sanchez commands Her sissy cuckold to touch himself while he watches his wife get fucked. Lorena Sanchez laughs at Her pathetic sissy cuckold as he gets hard. Lorena Sanchez has never had a cock so big inside Her before.

While riding the big cock, Lorena Sanchez makes Her sissy cuckold suck Her feet and orders him to do a good job. She then makes Her sissy cuckold eat out Her pussy to taste the cock. Lorena Sanchez shoves his head deep into Her pussy forcing him to suck on the clit and taste the cock. The sissy cuckold then grabs Her ass as She rides the big black cock once again.

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Lorena Sanchez continues to humiliate Her sissy cuckold by rubbing Her black cock and pussy juices with Her fingers and shoving Her fingers into Her sissy cuckold’s mouth to suck on. Then She shoves Her ass in his face and makes Her sissy cuckold lick Her pussy and ask to taste the cock taste in Her pussy. Lorena Sanchez goes back to sucking the huge black thick cock just before they change sex positions. The sissy cuckold then goes back to sucking Lorena Sanchez’s feet as She commands. Lorena Sanchez makes Her sissy cuckold say he likes licking Her feet while he watches Her get fucked. He begs Her to stop but She refuses and says that’s more motivation for Her to keep going.

Lorena Sanchez forces Her sissy cuckold to say he loves watching Her get fucked by a big cock. The rapper then says he is going to cum inside Lorena Sanchez’s cunt. She gets really excited because she is about to have a rapper star’s cum inside Her pussy. Lorena Sanchez chants that She wants the cum, The rapper star then shoots his entire load all over Her pussy. He then pushes the cum inside of Lorena Sanchez with his huge cock. Lorena Sanchez then commands Her sissy cuckold to lick up Her cum filled pussy. The sissy cuckold obeys by licking up every drop of cum from Her pussy. He even licks up the drops from Her ass.

Lorena Sanchez then commands Her sissy cuckold to stroke himself until he cums on himself. She rubs Her feet on his puddle of cum and the head of his penis, then shoves Her foot in his mouth so he can lick Her feet clean of his own cum. This cum eating sissy cuckold video is absolutely amazing.


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