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I love getting stuffed with a big black cock. The only thing better than having my snatch stretched, is forcing my husband to be there so he hear my squeal with delight. I make him watch the big dick slide in and out of my sopping wet slit. I pet him like a dog. Of course, he isn’t allowed on the furniture either.

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Sometimes I let him push my firm ass down hard onto my lovers thick stick. The harder he pushes the more I whimper until I eventually scream loud enough to shake the walls. Up and down I ride my boyfriend like a mechanical bull. My old man stands there wishing he could fuck me, but I don’t want his sorry prick anywhere near my pussy.

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I don’t mind him spreading my ass wide so my lover can shove his hot meat deeper into my happy hole. I know that it seems somewhat evil, however, it gives him something to deposit in the spank bank. I know he likes it, because after I make him suck all the cum off the rug that I dribbled out of my twat, He goes to the bathroom and wacks his wang for an hour. Just like your doing right now.

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