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My old man and I went to the gym the other day and I caught him staring at some little tramp’s ass as she rode the stationary bike. So I decided to punish him for it. I don’t believe in the silent treatment. Mostly because I don’t know how to shut the fuck up. Instead I grabbed the biggest guy with the hugest cock and brought him home to fuck me.

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My husband was pissed. He started yelling at me and asking me why I would do this to him. I told to shut the fuck up and watch what a real man can do with my fine cunt. The guy pounded away un-phased by our conversation. “I bet you’ll never look at another chick again”, I said to my man. Then I shoved his face in front of the huge meat as it slung goo all over his face.

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He cried like a little bitch. He wouldn’t quit sniveling, so I broke out my dildo and told him if he didn’t stop crying I would fuck him with it until he wished he had never been born. This only made him cry more. I fucked his face with my dildo for an hour. When I was done, I got ready to go out to the bar and pick some new meat to torture him with. I love being a bitch.

Hotwife Madison Ivy


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