Hotwife Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy is a cruel bitch to her cuckold husband, and in the following you’ll understand just how. Now I know a lot of you guys get off on being bossed around by your wives, and I also know that many of you have been turned into a cuckold husband due to your wives’ infidelity, but none of you have ever seen a cruel bitch such as Madison Ivy when she gets going; this might just make you reconsider your entire cuckold husband philosophy.

cuckold husband forced to suck cock

Madison Ivy wants what she wants, when she wants, and she usually gets it; especially when she has a pathetic little worm cuckold husband like this one. It’s strange really because with the shaved head and all the tattoos, this cuckold husband actually looks like quite a tough guy doesn’t he? I think that’s what makes it more satisfying to watch. When you see a man who looks as tough as this guy get reduced to the levels in which Madison Ivy has him, then it seems much more of an accomplishment than any other cuckold husband. Well in the picture above she certainly succeeds in making her cuckold husband humiliated and also not very tough either. Here you see her feeding her cuckold husband a nice thick length of cock, and he doesn’t have a choice in the matter either. There is only a certain level of tough one man can reach with another man’s cock in his mouth!

Madison Ivy's cuckold husband

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“That’s enough!” you imagine Madison Ivy to say as she leans in for her lover’s cock. She wants to have a taste and her cuckold husband is in the way. She gets him out the way and sucks on her lover’s cock (who clearly loves it by the look of pure ecstasy on his face in the picture above). This is closely followed by rather impatiently jumping onto his cock; no doubt twitching from within her pussy at the thought of it.

forced bi cuckold husband

And what job does out tough looking cuckold husband have in all this. Well none up until now (in the picture above), where he is enlisted to lube up things slightly and lick some asshole. It is clear from this point that Madison Ivy is a girls who likes to get what she wants, and if she wants her cuckold husband licking her ass hold and the shaft of her lover’s cock, then that’s what she will damn well get!

cuckold husband

Now that position cannot be good for her neck. I have to say it Madison Ivy, you really should look after yourself a little more. I suppose it all in the name of good cuckold movies isn’t it? But where is the cuckold husband in this shot? He’s so confused and pissed off at the fact that this guy with a bigger cock and a nicer face is fucking his wife that he doesn’t quite know what to do other than stroke her ass and wait for his next set of instructions.

cuckold husband humiliation

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And here they are. In the picture above you can see that the pathetic worm of a cuckold husband is being told to swallow down the other guys cock, as if it’s not enough to just see that the damn thing is bigger than his, and it’s fucking his wife! Madison Ivy is certainly making sure that her cuckold husband takes it all in as far as he can without choking on the thing. It actually looks as though he might gag any minute.

cuckold husband forced bi cock sucking

Now this must be truly agonizing! Imagine having to hold your own wife’s legs wide open while another guy slipped her the full length of his meat. That’s what this dutiful cuckold husband is doing, and he’s doing a great job isn’t he? It must be enormously difficult to do it from that angle though. Not only because you can see your wife getting fucked good and proper, but you’ve also got your own cock right next to her mouth and you can’t stick it in there. There isn’t a cuckold husband on the planet that would have the nerve to just go ahead and stick his cock in his own wife’s mouth while she is getting fucked by another man; and there would be even less chance of it happening with Madison Ivy around, she takes no shit from her cuckold husband.

cuckold husband sucking cock

And here it is, right at the end, the fabled cum shot! But where does Madison Ivy want it shooting? All over her cuckold husband that’s where. And what a face her cuckold husband is pulling there! He looks like he’s just eaten a rotten egg or something equally as bad! That must be the worst humiliation possible. Imagine having your wife fucked before your very eyes to begin with, then imagine having to hold her legs open while the other guy fucked her, and then, finally imagine the guy shooting his jizz all over your face! Now you have the true definition of a cuckold husband!

cuckold husband cum shot

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I don’t remember the movie that well, so it would be hard for me to tell you exactly what’s been going on in this image, but it sure as hell looks like the cuckold husband has a load of jizz on his chest and that Madison Ivy is threatening him with a dildo! Of course it could be one of those squirty dildos, because we saw the cumshot in the last picture. Not sure either way. Why don’t you watch the clip below and see if you fancy watching the whole thing; you know it will be a classic!


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