Hotwife Marie McCray

Every Friday night my hubby and I like to order a pizza and make a porno movie.  I enjoy stuffing my face with fresh hot pizza delivery boy while my old man eats my hot calzone.  If I don’t cum in thirty minutes or less I get pissed and he won’t get a tip.  I love gagging on the greasy pepperoni and making my man watch.  He waits for me to get my fill. Then he chows down.

Cum Eating Cuckold

Nobody sucks sausage like he can. He can swallow it whole. When his mouth is stuffed, I will push his head against the delivery boy’s pelvis making him choke on the wad of meat. It doesn’t take long before I can’t keep from touching myself and shoving my finger up my man’s ass.  He rides my fist like a bull.  Then he shoots a load across the room.  A few more thrusts of the huge cock down his throat and he gets an appetizer of man chowder.

Cum Eating Cuckold Husband

Only when he has licked up every creamy drop is he allowed to eat his pizza.  I can’t wait for for him to fill his belly so he can lick up dessert from my cunt.  I pound dough with the pizza boy until my husband has finished his dinner. Then he munches on my cream pie. If he is really good, then I order a second pizza boy.

Cum Eating Cuckold Slave


Cuckold Creampie

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