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Bi Cockold Is Trained By Marlena To Suck Cock

As you can see in this first picture, this bi cockold movie has Marlena firmly in charge of all the action. This hot bitch knows where she wants her men and she tells them what to do. Her bi cockold doesn’t really stand a chance at suggesting anything, and whether he’s bi-sexual or not, you can bet your life that the cockold is going to end up eating some cum by the end of this movie; you can just feeling it!

cockold humiliation

And here’s just the beginning of what’s to come for this bi cockold. Marlena has her lovers cock in her hand and she’d quite happily feeding her cockold that lump of meat as though her bi cockold were some kind of dog that needed feeding. He is on his hands and knees after all, so I suppose we could be forgiven for thinking it. Hell, not only does Marlena have him eating her lover’s cock she’s also sitting on his fucking shoulders! I bet the poor guy can barely move with all this oppression this early on.

Marlena is clearly not too bothered about getting fucked too early in the movie, and it appears that all she is actually interested in is making her cockold look like an idiot, and humiliating him as much as is humanly possible by shoving his head down on her lover’s cock. What you must remember here is that the story between Marlena and her bi cockold is that they are a couple and this other guy has been brought in rather cruelly by Marlena in order to make her husband look ridiculous and to turn him into a cockold.

bi cockold humiliation

Finally the mistress gets a taste of the action. It’s not that I was feeling sorry for the little whore, it’s just that it’s about time she put some work into the mix don’t you think, rather than just pushing the head of her bi cockold down onto her lovers cock time and time again. Marlena is now getting a real nice piece of cock in her mouth, and she’s being good enough to share it with her cockold (whether he likes it or not!) However, at this particular moment, because she is sucking her lover, she is making sure that her bi cockold licks around her lover’s cock and balls to keep him horny.

bi cockold licking balls

This next shot is a real nice one take of Marlena with her lover’s cock in her mouth. She’s just looking up into the camera at the right time to see that look that all men like to see when a babe is sucking their cock; that look of pure filthy whore. That’s what you want when you’re getting your cock sucked don’t you? You want a whore, not some love of your life doing it to you!

cockold licking the cock shaft

Now Marlena decides to put her bi cockold to further use by having him spread her ass cheeks so that the camera can get a good shot of her fucking her lover. Her lover’s cock looks great charging into her sweet little pussy, and there isn’t a damn thing her cockold can do about it except watch and wish that his cock was that big and able.

cockold watching his cuckoldrix Marlena

Well, actually there is something her bi cockold can do, and it appears that in this next picture Marlena has git him doing it. It’s not to pleasure her directly, but because her cockold is licking the balls of her lover, her lover will no doubt be inspired to give it to her all the more harder, just because she’s gagging for it. You will notice however that Marlena is still compelled to push the head of her bi cockold a little to encourage him into his task.

cockold licking the scrotum

A position change for Marlena and her lover, but her cockold is doing the same thing. What? He can’t get bored, he’s the cockold, and if there is anyone who is going to get bored then let me tell you that it had better be him; it’s unlikely to be Marlena’s lover since he has his cock buried inside her, and it’s unlikely to be her simply because of what I just said. Look at the expression on the face of Marlena, isn’t she just terrific. Never before have I seen a bi cockold porn actress really get into it like she does. She must love her work; and let’s face it, who the fuck wouldn’t?

bi cockold licking the bull's balls

Now although the two lovers have changed their fucking positions again, it still appears that the good old, obedient cockold is still required to lick cock, balls and perhaps even asshole in this picture. He is certainly a trooper and doing as he is told. Mind you, this sort of thing is kind of in the job description for a cockold isn’t it?

cockold sucks cock

Now for some good old fashioned toe sucking. This cockold has been trained well hasn’t he? He knows exactly what to do, and he also seemed unconcerned about the fact that his woman, Marlena is getting her pussy licked and eaten by her lover. I bet she is moaning out in such pleasure that it’s driving the film crew nuts. I wouldn’t mind being there in the room however; I don’t think I’d have too much trouble with all the noise.

cockold foot worship

And finally what do you think is going to happen here. Well I can tell you what is happening, if you want to get more you’ll have to watch the whole cockold movie. What is happening is that the lover of Marlena is fucking her and them pushing his cock into the cockold’s face to get it sucked clean, before fucking Marlena again.

bi cockold licking the head of a penis

And the finished product of it all of course is the fabled money shot, right in the mouth of the cockold. He looks absolutely distraught doesn’t he? The poor son of a bitch put up with his woman fucking another man and being made a cockold, but not he has to eat a cumshot from the very man who has been penetrating his wife.

cockold eating cum


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