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I love having two men fuck me. My cuckold husband loves it too. I put on a strip tease for them to get them fluffed up a bit. While they watch me strip, I pinch my titties and rub my clit through my sexy panties. When my pussy starts to get wet, I pull on my panties and start grinding them in between my cunt. I rub myself raw with them and get them nice and wet. I lay down on the bed and stroke myself very quickly, rubbing my clit in circles, and pumping my finger in and out of my hole. I make myself orgasm at least three times while my panties are still on. They become drenched with my pussy juice and cum. I slowly take them off and toss them over to the men. Whoever does not catch them, has to lick up the cum from the nights activities. My cuckold husband always purposely doesn’t catch my panties. Finally I lay back, spread my pussy lips with both hands, and invite the boys over for a taste. I always let my guest have first dibs to my pussy. While he is pounding my pussy, my husband rubs and sucks on my titties. He reaches down and pinches my clit to make me scream.

Megan Foxx

When my husband is done tormenting my titties and clit, he flips me over on all fours to be fucked from behind. He holds my face to the bed with my ass and cunt high into the air. My guest fucks my pussy while my husband rubs my asshole. Every so often he reaches under and squeezes my clit to create a reaction that stimulates the cock within me.

Hotwife Megan Foxx

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My cuckold husband pushes my ass back and forth into our guest’s cock vigorously. My titties bounce back and forth and up and down. I am get fucked so hard and fast that you can hear balls smacking against my wet pussy. Finally with one final thrust, my husband pulls me from the cock and sticks his own dick into my mouth, meanwhile our guest is shooting his cum all over my ass. My husband fucks my face with two deep thrusts and his cum goes straight down my throat without even tasting it. He pulls out and immediately starts to lick my tight ass clean.

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