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It should be no surprise that my husband will not ever leave me. I’m a rich horny bitch that likes every hole I was born with to be fucked. Shortly after we got married, I told my hubster that I liked to be fucked by anyone but him. He was not happy about it then, and still isn’t now. I do not care because it is all about what turns me on. Last week I had my lover, Richard, over to my mansion. He was a little nervous so I laid him back and slid my poo cutter up and down his belly. My forced bi cuckold husband watched without interest, which pissed me off. I was going to get some use out of him so I commanded that he finger fuck Richards asshole. Furthermore, I forced him to fluff up Richards cock for me. As he did this, I waved my pussy in his face so he could get a good sniff of what a horny rich twat smells like.

Forced Bi Cuckold

When Richards big dick got rock hard, I sat on it and rode it like it was a mechanical bull. My forced bi cuckold husband sat behind us like a kid in the back seat. I gave him dirty looks and evil smiles while he watched. I made it a point to scream like I was in pain when the full length of Richards large meat stack slid inside of me. My husband was going to participate one way or the other and earn his keep. When my pussy would start to dry out, I had him spit into his hands and rub it around the lips of my cunt to moisten it up. When I started to get hot from fucking, he was to fan me off!

Melissa Ria And Her Forced Bi Cuckold

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No amount of money or encouragement would make my forced bi cuckold husband to take a cock up his ass, therefore he had to clean up the mess. I made him do two tongue overs and clean all evidence of DNA. When he licked my asshole dry of all goo, only then did I give him his allowance.

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