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I like to watch guys fuck and suck each other. It was fine until I got married. So I thought. My old man and I had a party one Friday night and one of his friends got to drunk to drive. We told him he could stay the night. We were all fairly well plowed. I went in to take a shower while the boys popped in a movie. When I got out of the shower they were sitting on the couch with there mouths agape.

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I asked them what they were watching. They had a hard time answering. I noticed it was an old homemade porno of my ex-boyfriend and me fucking three other guys. I saw that my hubby and his friend had their hands down their pants. I dropped my towel and joined them. I reached down their pants and started jerking the rock hard cocks.

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They got naked with me and my old man shoved me down hard on his friends dick. Then he did something totally unexpected. He started sucking his friends cock. I was so turned on. I fucked them both until the sun came up. Now I get my hubby to suck and fuck a new dick every weekend.

Forced Bi Cuckolds


Forced Bi Cuckolds

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