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Sniff my ass you worthless piece of shit. The sight of your tiny cock makes my pussy want to puke. That’s right take a good whiff. Yep. I haven’t wiped my crapper in a week just for you. Don’t even think of fucking moving. I have had nothing to eat but beans and Swiss cheese for a month and it’s itching to blow up your nose. You like that don’t you? Oh crap my vagina just vomited. You let your miniscule man meat peek around the corner of your thigh. You bastard.

Sissy Cuckold

Just for that, suck that slick stick. Gag on it. Who’s a good little meat monger? Wow you look good on the end of a big cock. That’s probably the only time you will ever hear that. Get that rod wet for me. Watch me slide up and down that mile long meat hammer. Don’t you wish you had a dick? Then you could feel the inside of my gooey gash. Well, tough shit. If you are a good boy I will let you lick my slit.

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You weren’t good enough to slurp my snizz. However, you can watch the hot steamy stream of cum gush all over my ass. You like that, don’t you? That’s right. If you had a dick that dangled, my prissy pussy might have let you fuck it. Since you don’t, all you get to do is lick up the leavings from a real man. Next time I fuck some one, your ass is taking a pounding from my Harley powered dildo. I think your ass is woman enough for it. Let’s face it, if your dick were any smaller, it would be an inny.

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Sissy Cuckold

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