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Cuckolded by Naomi Cruise

Naomi Cruise fantasizes about the big black cock Her friends talk about all the time. Naomi Cruise is married but She wants big black cock so badly that She will make Her husband a cuckolded slave. In this cuckolded video, She is working late at a restaurant with Her coworker who happens to be a black Bull. She tells Her coworker just how much She craves big black cock. He pulls out his black cock and allows Naomi Cruise to suck on it.

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The cock is massive with a huge girth. Naomi Cruise sucks while Her cuckolded husband waits outside in the car. After 45 minutes, the cuckolded husband can’t wait any longer, so he barges into the restaurant where Naomi Cruise is working. Little does he know, he is in for a cuckold surprise. This cuckolded husband walks in on his hot wife Naomi Cruise sucking a huge thick black cock. The cuckolded husband is in shock, asking what the fuck is going on. He gets upset but Naomi Cruise doesn’t give a shit, asking Her cuckolded husband what he’s doing there while She continues to suck the massive cock.

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Naomi Cruise calls Her cuckolded husband a loser. Naomi Cruise simply ignores Her cuckolded husband’s pleas to stop, but She just continues to suck the huge thick black cock. Naomi Cruise humiliates Her cuckolded husband by showing him just how big this black cock really is. She measures this huge thick black cock with Her hands. Naomi Cruise then forces Her cuckolded husband to take off his pants to compare penis size. The size of the cuckolded slave’s penis is so small in comparison it’s pathetic. The cuckolded husband is still in shock and begs his hot wife Naomi Cruise to stop. Naomi Cruise refuses to stop sucking cock and the cuckolded humiliation gets worse when Naomi Cruise commands Her husband to get down on his knees on the floor.

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He begs his hot wife Naomi Cruise to not suck too deep but She simply tells him to shut the fuck up. Naomi Cruise humiliates Her cuckolded husband by commanding him to take Her high heeled shoes off. Her complies as an obedient slave. She forces Her cuckolded slave to suck Her foot. She forces the entire foot into his mouth. Naomi Cruise continues to humiliate Her cuckolded slave by calling him a loser while forcing him to hold up a cuckold sign, all while She is sucking that huge thick black cock. The cuckolded husband is so pathetic, he even starts to cry when his hot wife Naomi Cruise slaps him in the face. Naomi Cruise is actually happy Her cuckolded husband is there to watch while She sucks cock and is getting ready to fuck that huge cock. Humiliating Her cuckolded husband turns Her on even more.

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The cuckold is still in disbelief as he tries to convince his hot wife Naomi Cruise to stop. Naomi Cruise doesn’t care and continues to suck cock just as She pleases. She has no shame sucking cock in front of Her cuckolded husband. Naomi Cruise then pulls the Bull’s belt off and puts it around Her cuckolded husband’s neck, using it as a dog leash. She commands him to get back down on his knees. The cuckolded dog licks Naomi Cruise’s pussy in order to make it nice and wet, preparing it for the Bull’s big black thick cock. He licks Naomi Cruise’s pussy while She sucks cock.

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Naomi Cruise makes Her cuckolded slave husband wear Her panties on his head while She gets fucked. Her husband will never feel anything ever again while fucking Naomi Cruise since Her pussy will be completely stretched by this massive cock. Naomi Cruise moans in ecstasy. She beats Her cuckolded dog with the belt around his neck while getting fucked. The cuckolded puppy slave can do nothing but stand there and watch with his hot wife’s panties on his head. His hot wife is being pleasured by a real man.

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They move into another room. Naomi Cruise tells Her cuckolded dog to follow as She holds his leash. The Bull is so strong that he carries Naomi Cruise to the next room keeping his large cock inside Her the whole time. They continue fucking on the couch while the cuckolded husband looks on in shame, complaining and begging Naomi Cruise to stop. Naomi Cruise again tells him to shut the fuck up. They switch positions and Naomi Cruise makes Her cuckolded puppy slave lick the juices from Her pussy and the sweat from Her ass. Naomi Cruise commands him to shove his tongue deep into Her ass, while She sucks cock again. The Bull’s big cock stays hard the entire time. Naomi Cruise jumps back on the big cock to ride it. She tells Her cuckolded husband just how small his cock is. Naomi Cruise is a black cock whore. She stares at Her cuckolded husband and yells it at him telling him to listen as She chants “I am a black cock whore!”

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Naomi Cruise is tired of Her cuckolded slave’s complaints so She changes sex positions. In the new sex position, She shoves Her feet into Her cuckolded husband’s mouth to shut him up while She is getting fucked. She even kicks him in the face while getting fucked. How humiliating! To make it even worse, the Bull cums on Naomi Cruise’s ass. She commands Her cuckolded husband to clean Her asshole. He obeys and actually licks up every drop. How degrading! But that’s not even the worse of it. Hot wife Naomi Cruise makes Her cuckolded husband cum onto a plate of waffles, then She force feeds the cum filled waffles into Her cuckolded husband’s mouth. Gross! She forces him to eat it, then slaps him as he cries.

Cuckolded Husband

If that wasn’t bad enough, after putting Her cuckolded husband through all the torture, Naomi Cruise then tells Her cuckolded husband She wants a divorce.

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The entire video is over 30 minutes long and is absolutely amazing. This site contains the very best cuckold videos and photos.

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