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My much younger wife, Natasha, was a whore when I married her. That’s what made me want her to begin with. I personally cannot function because of a birth defect but I still mentally get turned on when I watch her getting fucked. I love being a cuckold to her. It’s like I’m a slave to her pussy. Natasha’s favorite is big black cock and she prefers it handed to her rough. She likes to take it up the ass while I push her deep into the prick. She begs for her ass to be smacked hard enough to leave marks.

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Even though I do not have feeling in my dick, it does not stop Natasha from flicking it around and sucking on it. She swishes it around in her wet mouth and mauls on it roughly. She cups my ball sack and rolls the skin around with her fingers. She likes to pinch and nibble on the skin between my asshole and nut sack.

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I fucking love watching her on all fours getting rammed. She spreads her ass cheeks wide enough for me to see the rim of her pussy, expanding and contracting with every thrust. He fucks her so fast, his balls smack loudly against her wet clit. The harder and deeper his cock is into her, the louder she screams. She likes me to tug on the tips of her nipples and twist them until they turn blue. I love the way her wet pussy smells when it’s getting fucked.

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