Hotwife Natasha Nice

Cuckold Humiliation From Cheating Wife Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice is one of the best cheating wives this century has seen, and just look at the filthy little whore, she doesn’t care if her husband finds out about her. In fact, this naughty little cheating wife actually forces her husband to watch as she gets well and truly fucked by a nice big, black cock. When you see how small her husband’s cock is, you’ll fully appreciate just how humiliating it is for the husband. Natasha Nice is certainly not nice by nature!

Natasha Nice Cuckold Humiliation

The amazement on the husband’s face as he watches his wife, Natasha Nice, the cheating wife, flaunt her body in front of her black lover with the big cock, is very real indeed. This poor guy is forced to endure all manner of fucking; only his cheating wife won’t allow him to be part of it. She’ll force him to watch her and touch where and when she commands, and not before. In this picture below you can see the poor guy has to watch his cheating wife suck the other guy’s dick. Natasha Nice loves every minute of the fact that her cuckold husband is forced to watch her swallowing that big black tool. I just hope her husband gets off on this, because if he doesn’t it’ll kill him eventually.

Natasha Nice Cuckolding

If you were to watch, one of you with cheating wives, them with another man just for a moment, if you caught your cheating wives, cheating on you, that alone must be bad enough, but having to watch a full, filthy sex session is agonizing. First being forced to watch your cheating wives suck off another man, while they’re forcing your head into the best position to see for Christ sake! That must be awful, and painful. But then if that’s not enough, the humiliation continues when the cheating wives decides they want to fuck the big cock. Personally, I’d have a big enough problem with the fact that there was another man in the room with a bigger cock than me, never mind watching my wife sit up on top of it, like Natasha Nice does in this movie. Look at the picture below and ask yourself could you forgive your cheating wife if you saw her doing
this? Then imagine that she forced you to watch her doing it! I know some of you are getting off on that idea aren’t you?

Cheating Wife Natasha Nice

What the fuck is that contraption her husband has on his cock! It looks like some form of miniature type of medieval torture device. Maybe it’s something that cheating wives used to put on their husbands to make them sexually redundant, thus somehow justifying their cheating behaviour. Natasha Nice doesn’t seem to have a problem with it anyway; in fact, it doesn’t look that painful for the guy, he’s not wincing at that i don’t think, I think it could be more the pain of his wife fucking another man that’s written on his face. That piece of machinery is brutal, it looks like it’s keeping his cock bent over so that he can’t get an erection. Cheating wives like Natasha Nice are real bitches! That contraption has also got a ring that wraps tightly around his balls; the poor bastard!

Hotwife Natasha Nice

If it wasn’t enough to have Natasha Nice pulling the damn cock device, he has to watch her getting fucked by a huge, black man too! Is there no mercy in the world anymore? I feel for him, not least because of the cock contraption attached to his private parts. In the picture below he is clearly shocked by what is going on. He’s got his cock all caught up, so that even if he was turned on by cheating wives getting fucked by black men in front of their husbands, he couldn’t get hard thinking about it. Natasha Nice milks the whole situation for all it’s worth and smiles eagerly as she lifts her legs to allow her husband a good look at what a huge cock really is. He looks at this beast of a dick and then looks at his own pathetic little worm of a prick, all caged in! It’s enough to make you cry isn’t it?

Cheating Hotwife Natasha Nice

So Natasha Nice gets a little bored in this position after a while, just like all cheating wives eventually. And she decides to put her husband to use. She probably only wants to feel another set of hands on her body to turn her on a little more, so who else is there? There is only her pathetic husband with the small cock; humiliated in front of the black guy with a cock that’s clearly about three times the size of his. So the dutiful husband holds his wife’s ass and pulls and pushes it onto the big black dick waiting behind her.

Cuckolded and Humiliated

Look at this bitch! Cheating wives really know how to rub salt into the wound don’t they. She’s only leaning forward right near her husband’s cock, as if she’s about to suck him. The poor bastard must be straining in that cock cage she’s put him in. Natasha Nice, you really are a not so nice person! This is no way to treat your man just because your pussy is starting to ache a little from the huge, black cock pounding you’ve been getting from behind.

Natasha Nice Cuckolding Her Pathetic Husband

And then the poor old husband is forced, as most cheating wives insist, to just allow the cheating and fucking to continue. He drops to his knees and lovingly watches his wife as she is drilled to her climax by the other guy. What can he do after all? There is nothing to do except wait for her to be finished and then release him from his cock prison. Then I suppose he could go to the bathroom and beat himself off over the toilet, because that’s all he’s good for really; he lacks the power to fuck his on wife!

Cuckoldress Natasha Nice

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