Hotwife Nicole Moore 2

When I caught my wife cheating for the first time, she acted like it was my fault. The only fault I could see was that I wasn’t equipped with a huge black cock. She has always been the dominate one in our relationship, but it got worse. The more men she fucked, the more demanding she became. When she brings home a black mother fucker, she makes me sit there while she looks into my eyes as she getting fucked or wrapping her mouth around the huge head of his dick. I’m cuckold to a whore that fucks and licks black cock.

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Recently, I have been allowed to get naked and touch myself. If I have been a good boy, the slut will hang her panties soaked with her juices around my neck. Occasionally, If I have done all my chores and treated her exceptionally well she will let me lick her cunt while she gags on the huge black jizz pipe. I enjoy the heaving of her pussy. I especially love when she pisses on my head as she contracts from trying to hold back vomit. I wish my cock was enough for the demanding bitch.

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She never lets me fuck her any more. When she has finished using her boy toy’s one eyed spitting snake she will send him home. Then the real work begins for me. “Suck that cum from my pussy! Lick that man soup out of my asshole! You missed a spot you worthless piece of shit!” The cunt yelled. She is never satisfied. No matter what I do. “You dropped some on my feet! Lick up those man eggs and get that dog shit I stepped in too!” She yelped. I would smack her, if I didn’t like being treated so bad, so much.

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