Hotwife Nicole Moore

It’s the pathetic cuck again and this time the cuck husband is married to none less than Nicole Moore. If I was married to Nicole Moore I don’t think I’d be a cuckold though, I’d find it pretty difficult to keep my hands off her, especially if she was a being screwed by a huge black guy directly in front of me on my own sofa; but then this is a classic cuck fantasy isn’t it?

cuck husband

I cannot believe the size of the cuck husband’s dick in this movie, it’s so tiny; I even wonder how he finds the humiliating little thing in order to go for a piss! There is little wonder that Nicole Moore doesn’t have much time for him really is there? I mean who would bother with a tiny little cuck prick like this when they have Mr. Big, black cock to sort you out. But you have to keep your cuck busy, so what Nicole Moore decides to do is put her panties around his neck and have him suck her toes; yet another classic cuck manoeuvre.

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This cuck certainly gets a nice, humiliating eyeful of the action in this picture above doesn’t he? Imagine looking down on that and being unable to touch! You know you’re not going to get your own tiny little maggot prick inside the wife so you better get used to seeing her serviced by one more worthy than you, you cuck husband! You are pretty pathetic.

cuck humiliation

Above we see Nicole Moore getting her head nursed lovingly by her cuck as she gets a good pounding from her big, black dude. She doesn’t look like she has to do much at all in this shot does she? Her cuck has her head and the black lover is holding her legs apart while he drills her tight little snatch; all Nicole Moore has to do is lay back and think of further ways in which she can humiliate her tiny little cuck with the tiny little cock.

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And if Nicole Moore can’t humiliate her little cuck enough in that position then perhaps in the one pictured above? At least in this one he gets a good view of the action, and also gets to listen to her moans of pleasure as the huge black cock, that puts the pathetic little cuck to shame, goes slamming in and out of her; deep in this position for maximum penetration. However, it appears that Nicole Moore has actually allowed her cuck to do something useful for her again. This time her gets to play with her nipples and stimulate her that way.

cuck hotwife

Time for a rough ride and Nicole Moore wastes no time in climbing aboard the big, black love train! This cock looks as though it could tickle her tonsils never mind make her climax like a hell! I just hope he doesn’t try to stick that huge weapon in Nicole Moore’s ass; judging by the tiny size of her asshole it actually looks as though it could be dangerous. Her cuck could go in her ass if she’d allow it, simply because his cock is so tiny that it would fit without hurting her, but I sincerely doubt that she’d let him anyway. This cuck doesn’t appear to want to do that sort of thing anyway, I would imagine that he gets his kicks (sexual or not) from just watching; I really don’t think there would be any more joy in it for him if he was involved in the actual fucking; it’s just not what the cuck is there for!

cuck wife

No porno, whether it’s cuck porn or any other, would be complete without seeing some white chick like Nicole Moore, all wide eyed and virtually chocking on a black cock that looks as though it could fuck your brains out were you brave enough to allow it near your head. And this image above shows just how awesome a task it must be to get that huge chopper in your mouth. Nicole Moore looks as though she might be struggling a little with this cock. I wonder what her cuck thinks about this as he watches her trying to get her mouth around it. I would imagine that he is feeling pretty pathetic, and it’s not surprising either; not when you see the size of the cuck cock he’s carrying between his legs.

cuck bull

And just when you think the cuck might actually be a little concerned about his wife having a huge object like this big, black cock, shoved down her throat, we see him laid underneath Nicole Moore with his face buried in her ass; or whatever she chooses to shove in it. So I think it’s safe to say that Nicole Moore has things pretty much under control; including her pathetic little cuck with the humiliating little cock! It’s hard to tell what Nicole Moore has this cuck doing in the shot above, but I would imagine she’s told him just to lay there while she decides what she wants to shove in his face; my money is on her asshole (I don’t mean literally, although that would be fun to watch!)

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And when all is said, done and finished, the cuck is left to continue what he started; make Nicole Moore feel comfortable and wanted. His job is to lick her feet and allow her to get fucked by anyone she wants. This is a true cuckold, and this cuck can offer a few lessons to all you cuck wannabees out there in the cuckold world. Take notice of this pathetic little worm cuck, and watch and learn how he obeys Nicole Moore and takes everything she decides to throw at him. The poor guy isn’t even allowed to get his rocks off; but we hope you managed it!

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