Hotwife Nicole Ray

This hot wife, Nicole Ray is one hell of a stunner, and there is little wonder she has so much interest from men other than her forced bi cuckold husband. Her husband however, obviously knows about the men interested in his hot wife, and because he is such a pathetic fuck, he has to go along with everything Nicole Ray tells him to do; and when I say everything, I mean everything.

Hot Wife Nicole Ray

So where does this dominating hot wife begin with her poor tormented forced bi cuckold husband? She begins by introducing him to the new man in her life, simply by fucking him in there and then. Her husband is clearly rendered unable to do anything except watch his gloriously hot wife, Nicole Ray, get fucked nice and hard by anther dude! And look at that guy in the picture above, he must be giving Nicole Ray a good screw because his face is redder than that mattress there’ll all hanging out on. Her husband looks well and truly under control though doesn’t he, with her hands on his head forcing him to go down and suck the other guy’s balls.

Nicole Ray Hot Wife

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And there he is in the picture above, sucking on the guy’s balls like a good boy. His hot wife has certainly got him well trained to make him do something like this. However he could be turning out to be a bit bisexual to be honest. It’s quite normal for a cuckold husband who is subjected to this kind of bossy, dominant, hot wife to be bisexual; and let’s face it, it helps when you’re sucking on another guy’s balls doesn’t it? But wait, what’s this below? Nicole Ray has other ideas. She doesn’t feel as though she is in control quite enough so she’s decided to make her forced bi cuckold husband suck her lover’s cock, and not only that, she’s shoving his head down on there like she wants to choke the poor guy.

Nicole Ray Is A Hot Wife

And when his cock sucking ordeal is over, and his hot wife has finished humiliating him in this way for a while, she decides to humiliate him in another way. Here we see Nicole Ray going for the cock sucking herself, leaving her husband to watch and put up with it. He just has to sit there and watch his hot wife suck off another guy!

Hot Wife Forced Bi Cuckolding

Oh, now she wants him to join her! If there’s anything worse than watching your hot wife blow another guy, it must be this; being forced to join her in sucking and licking the other guy’s cock! This other guy isn’t complaining is he? No, he’s just laying back there like a model from Playgirl Magazine, getting his nob polished by a married couple; I mean, he must be laughing his ass off here, he doesn’t have to put up with the chore of a wife or the wrath of a husband.

Hot Wife Forced Cock Sucking

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Now things get serious in the picture below, and when you see the actual movie you’ll know what I mean. This other guy really means business when he bends Nicole Ray over, virtually on to her head in order to screw her brains out. In a desperate bid to regain some form of power Nicole Ray decides to insist on her husband being placed strategically beneath her and her lover when they are fucking, just in the event they might want a little tongue action. You know the type of thing that can happen, suddenly things get a little dry perhaps after the extended fucking. It’s not that it doesn’t feel good, it’s just that things can only go on so far. So hot wife Nicole Ray can call upon her husband underneath the action to lend his tongue to the vital bits and pieces in order to lubricate the sex machine so to speak.

Hot Wife Nicole Ray Humiliating Her Cuckold

And now I think we are ready for the close up. Hot wife, are your ready for your close up? Here we go. Wow, look at that lovely shaved pussy and that cock with its hair base pounding into it. No husband in this shot, he must have been kicked out the way again. It seems quite unfair on one hand and then really fucking horny on the other. I have to say that I really get off on the fact that this hot wife has kicked her husband out the way so that she can get some more cock from another guy.

Hot Wife Nicole Ray Humiliating Her Pathetic Husband

I was just commenting on the absence of the husband in the last hot wife, fucking picture, and here we have it again. The poor guy has really been left out in the cold in many ways hasn’t he? I suppose he’s just standing at the side playing with his own cock (if Nicole Ray allows him that is) and trying his best to enjoy the fact that his wife is being fucked by the ape man here. Seriously, what with all that hair around his cock and all over his chest, I think this guy here is the missing link! Somebody call Darwin!

Sexy Hot Wife Nicole Ray

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And finally at the conclusion, or near to it at least, the pathetic husband is at last allowed to enter the action again. But what is he enabled to do in this? Suck and lick again I’m afraid, that’s all this pathetic maggot is worth according to his hot wife. Nicole Ray is well and truly in control of this situation, or at least she thinks she is; personally I think that the ape man might disagree!

Cheating Hot Wife Nicole Ray


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