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Paris Gables In Cuckold Humiliation

Paris Gables is an expert in cuckold humiliation and in this cuckold movie you get to see her at her very best, and her cuckold at his very worst. The poor guy is forced to watch his lovely Paris Gables perform all manner of sexual acts with this black guy, forcing the perfect cuckold humiliation possible as she sits her cuckold down right next to her as she gets fucked hard by a big black cock; a cock much bigger than her cuckold! In these images you don?t actually get to see his cock, but you can imagine, as in all cuckold humiliation movies, that it’s a very small dick!

cuckold movie

You can see in the image above what Paris Gables likes doing with the big, black cock too. And you can see the cuckold humiliation begin, even though you can?t see her cuckold. I think that the way this pictures implies what must be going through the cuckold?s mind is wonderful. We can certainly imagine the cuckold humiliation of seeing Paris Gables suck off a guy with a bigger cock when her cuckold is sitting right next to her. Just look at the smile on the face of Paris Gables and then ask yourself this question: Is it because she has a huge, black cock about to go into her lovely mouth, or is the cuckold humiliation she loves more?

cuckold humiliation

Well, personally I think it’s the cuckold humiliation that gets her off much more, and it’s not merely because she doesn?t keep sucking that cock for long. It?s more to do with the fact that in the image above you can see her clearly relishing the fact that her cuckold is watching her riding on a big, black dick. Cuckold humiliation is clearly something Paris Gables takes very seriously. You can tell by the look of the face of her cuckold that he dislikes watching her fuck this guy right in front of him, but you get the clear impression that he can do quite literally nothing to stop it; it?s going to happen whether he likes it or not, that?s the idea of cuckold humiliation. I must say that the way Paris Gables is holding her cuckold?s face towards the action, forcing him to watch, is a lovely touch in this cuckold humiliation movie; there are so few cuckold actresses that can pull this sort of action off and make it believable. Paris Gables is one of the best cuckold humiliation porn stars in the business.

Paris Gables getting fucked

Now, regardless of the cuckold humiliation, you can still see that Paris Gables is having fun in other areas. That’s what I like about her. She takes her pleasure where she can, and by the looks of this cock rammed into her tight little pussy, it certainly looks as though she is taking full advantage of this cuckold humiliation opportunity.

It’s times like this, when I see a shot like the one above, that I wonder what goes through the mind of the well hung, black dude in these cuckold humiliations movies. I mean, he must be really laughing his dick off at that poor cuckold watching his woman get nailed, unable to do a thing to prevent it happening. It must be pretty weird for them when they get a cuckold that really gets off on it too. Anyway, if I was this dude, in this cuckold humiliation movie, I wouldn?t be complaining much let me tell you.

Paris Gables fucking while her cuckold watches

Now in this image above it’s hard to tell where the cuckold humiliation has progressed. Has the cuckold been instructed to hold Paris Gable’s hair out of the way, or is he getting a little revenge on her buy pulling her hair to punish her for punishing and humiliating him? Interesting… Well, in the true spirit of cuckold humiliation I would have to say that he is reluctantly following instructions; otherwise he would be getting away with stuff that cuckolds are not meant to get away with. I?m betting that Paris Gables said something like: Hold my hair out of my eyes you cuckold, I want the camera to get a nice big shot of my smiling face while I humiliate you by getting fucked hard by this fucking big, black dick!? Can you imagine it going something like that? I think that with cuckold humiliation movies it couldn?t go any other way.

cuckold watching Paris Gables get fucked

So Paris Gables continues to delve deeper and deeper into the cuckold humiliation fantasy with her, clearly distressed, cuckold looking on in disgust of the whole thing. She had now turned around so her cuckold humiliation partner in crime can give her a good hard fuck from behind. This is a particularly cruel position for cuckold humiliation for a couple of reasons really. The first is pretty obvious, and relies purely on the visual aspect of the cuckold humiliation. Not only does the poor cuckold have to watch Paris Gables get fucked right in front of his eyes, he also has to witness the expressions on her face as she does. The second and slightly less obvious one is that the bitch is only inches away from the cuckold’s dick, and yet due to the very nature of cuckold humiliation, he doesn?t stand a chance of getting any action from her. This must be the ultimate cuckold humiliation. Having your woman inches away from your dick and not being able to unzip and stick it in her mouth is frustrating enough, but having a huge, black dude nailing her tight pussy from behind is even worse. This movie is cuckold humiliation at its very best.

Paris Gables is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the cuckold genre this decade has ever seen. You simply have to watch the video clip below to thoroughly appreciate the cuckold humiliation this bitch is capable of.

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